CW's CrazyFunnyCool Pages

Here is where I keep all those cute and funny pages from both the old Frollo and Dinosaur sites. I may add more as time and inclination permits. In the meantime, enjoy!

Reasons Why Claude Frollo is a Turn-On
Two pages of "reasons" why His Honor is the ultimate heartthrob. Reasons #1, Reasons #2.

Fun with Frollo's Lines
Made this long ago with minor later editing. Just a cute little page of some classic Frollo wavfiles put in unusual context. Listen and laugh.

Judge Frollo's Dayplanner
Ever keep one of those Dayrunner, Franklin, or Day-Timer planners? A meticulous man such as Judge Frollo may not need such, but if he does...
Take a look at a typical day in the life of His Grace.

Claude Frollo Gets His Grub On!
A short collection of some of my favorite recipes. That pecan cake made famous in Back to the Frollo is well worth the effort. Happy Cooking!

Photo Albums 1 & 2
Collection of HoND production stills done up in photo album style, with captions (My own)
Album #1 & Album #2
A Dinosaur photo album is coming soon.

Frollo Dream Journal
A few of my favorite Frollocentric dreams I share with the public. LOL!

HoND/Frollo Song Parodies
Most were done back in '97 and '98. Hilarious!

Url's "Rock" Pile
Did this back when I first designed the old Dinosaur Tales site. A Top Ten list of Url's favorite "rock" songs. Cute!

Saluting (or Dissing) Disney Parents

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