Love That Voice

Ticked Claude I Didn't Mean It THAT Way!

Not again, my love? Are you determined to strip from me every shred of dignity? Ah well...No Matter...
My beloved Diva has put together –– How can I put this? –– A "gag page", if you will. She claims it is amusing so I won't deprive her of a little fun.

Come to think of it, my love, this IS rather funny!


This is FrolloFreak speaking:
I've put together a nice little collection of His Grace's lines from the film. Please leave your intellect and good sense at the door, then enjoy this parody. HE doesn't seem to mind.

Click on the CD icon to hear the audio

Claude catches me sneaking a cigarette. "Darling, how could you! And after you promised to stop this disgusting habit!"

I treated Claude to a fabulous dinner at one of my favorite Downtown eateries. However, Our Hero was not pleased with his entr้e.

Claude and I took in the State Fair, and Phoebus tagged along. Claude told me Phoebus seemed to fit right in with the 'John Deere crowd'. When we passed the watermelon seed-spitting contest, Claude only had this to say. Phoebus thought otherwise.

Claude used this lame excuse when I asked, "Baby, you're all sweaty. And is this my book of hot love poetry? What have you been doing?"

Whenever I visit Claude in his time, he will say this when referring to a *certain* room whether at the Palais or his private home.

  When Claude agreed to accompany his postmodern lady to the State Fair, he had no idea what to expect. Once he set foot on the fairgrounds, his tired excuse for NOT attending was proven wrong!

  I treated Claude to a a taste of American politics –– a debate between two Congessional candidates. Of course, one long-winded speaker whose arguments made absolutely no sense, aggravated my baby so much...Well, you get the idea.

  Don't even THINK of trodding on Claude's toes, even if it's accidental. This may happen to YOU!


That's all for now. There'll be more...and that's a promise! Hey, guess who just walked in?

Yes, sugarbritches? I'm finished...Do you really think it's funny? I'm so glad...OK, baby, keep on smiling...

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