MORE Reasons Why Claude is Such A Turn-On

Have Mercy, this man's TOO fine! ;-b~

Listed below are some of FrolloFreak's favorite Frollo moments:

  1. The way his nose wrinkles and his eyes narrow when he utters his first line: "Bring these gypsy vermin..."
  2. Claude spurs Snowball as he chases Quasi's mom
  3. He lets out this grunt when he pushes that sign out of the way
  4. That fearful look on his face - When he sees baby Quasi for the first time, then when he "fears for his immortal soul." I love it when he looks like that...
  5. How his voice dips "into the basement" when he says, "the belltower perhaps"
  6. That smile!
  7. Reciting the ABC's with Quasi. The way Claude's eyes narrow and his mouth forms when Claude pronounces "C?"
  8. That profile! Notice how the jaw clenches, the nose juts when Claude slams the book shut..."You said 'festival'!"
  9. That smile again! "I am your only friend."
  10. How Claude clenches his teeth when he sings, "You do not comprehend!"
  11. That evil grin - "This is your sanctuary."
  12. I know this sounds weird, but I love the way Claude looks when he greets Phoebus.
  13. Claude's expression when he says, "Whip my men into shape". Nice wide grin, raised eyebrows...
  14. When he crushes those ants. Yuck...I can't do that!
  15. That 'deer-in-headlights' look when he sees Esme for the first time. Put your eyes back in your head, sugarbritches.
  16. The whole "giving-Esme-hell" scene. Too bad this gal dissed Our Man -- "I forbid it!" would've stopped me dead in my tracks
  17. That scowl on his face after Esme's chase scene. I guess Claude didn't enjoy himself...
  18. The entire 'cornering Esme' sequence. That expression when he says, "Such a clever witch." The way his eyes burn when he says, "To cloud the mind with unholy thoughts."
  19. The entire Hellfire sequence -- but especially when his eyes get real big when he sings, "I feel her; I see her!" and "Like fire, Hellfire!" Poor Claude -- so tortured, so beside himself -- Even in his torment, he's irresistable. Hmm...come to think of it, Claude is especially attractive during this sequence. Don't ask why, but that's FF's opinion
  20. The scene after he torches the miller's house, then has Phoebus wasted. "I had the entire cathedral surrounded..." One can almost see the wheels in his head turning overtime!
  21. The way his hair falls about his face when he chews out Quasi. No, no...I didn't relish him getting on Quasi's case, but I liked the way Claude looked...
  22. "The Court of Miracles is mine at last." The delighted expression on Claude's face as he strolls in. Now THAT'S one happy man!
  23. That profile again! "He led me right to you, my dear." Dumb Esme recoiled from his touch -- Honey, you can stroke my cheek, and anything else, anytime!
    Then, "Look what else I've caught in my net..." Lord have mercy! That jaw, that nose, those fiery eyes!
  24. The "choose me" scene. Odd, but this is THE favorite production still (it's all over this site). Claude's face, that expression -- He looks like he belongs on the cover of TIME rather than getting ready to torch Esmeralda.
  25. Claude's expression when Quasi heaves the beam into Claude's carriage. Claude's hat flies off, and he has this odd, almost 'disappointed little boy' look -- It's almost like he was five years old and a favorite toy got smashed -- "You broke my wagon!" Then he starts lookin' mean again.
  26. "Put your backs into it!" Such force! Such power!
  27. "Leaving so soon?" How his hair blows in the breeze...and that profile!
  28. Just before the end: That laugh...that sinisterly sexy laugh. Yes, F'Freak thinks Claude has the deepest, most sensual laugh of anyone, even if he is ready to do in the film's hero and (ugh) heroine...Ever wonder why Claude Frollo laughs a lot in FrolloFreak's fanfiction? It's because she loves to hear Claude laugh.

He's all that and a bag of chips and throw in an RC Cola as a bonus!

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