Disney's Bad Parents
Mommie & Daddy Dearest...

Now let's look at a few ladies and gents who really should've NEVER been parents in the first place. Let it be known that these folks are among Disney's best of the bad. Some took in kids for their own selfish purposes, or out of forced choice. Either way, the children suffered greatly from all sorts of abuse. I guess these people will never receive flowers for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or ANY day! :-)

OK let's go!

Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine  Lady Tremaine married Cinderella's father when the latter was still a little girl. At first she is accepting of Cinderella and treats her well, that is until after Father's death.
From then on, we see her true nature. Lady Tremaine reduces Cinderella to household servant, bossing her around, treats her cruelly, while lavishing all her attention and money on her own spoiled and selfish daughters. She and her girls live in comfort while Cinderella is forced to sleep in a cramped attic room. No nice clothes, no comfortable bed, no rest for the weary. Despite her stepmother's cruelty, Cinderella remains sweet, kind, and loving. All she has left are her dreams, and those dreams come true when she gets to go to the ball and meet her Prince. In the final scenes, Lady Tremaine goes to great lengths to keep Cinderella from trying on the glass slipper She locks Cinerella in her attic room, and even breaks the slipper when the girl escapes and rushes downstairs.
Talk about "sweet revenge" when Cinderella produces the OTHER slipper! The look on the old woman's face is priceless.

The Evil Queen

Evil Queen Now this lady wins no "Mother of the Year". She is also a stepmother forced to raise Snow White, but treats the girl cruelly. Like Cinderella, Snow White is forced to servant status All she has left are her dreams and hopes, that her prince will come and rescue from this awful existence.
When the Magic Mirror declares that Snow White is STILL the fairest of the land, the Queen orders the girl taken out to the forest and killed. "Bring me her heart" How much worse can one be?
Snow White survives, finding her way to the Dwarves' cottage. It is this knowledge that the enraged Queen transforms herself to an old hag and arms herself with a poisoned apple. She thinks she's beaten Snow White at last, but revenge comes as the Seven Dwarves chase the woman through the forest, to the edge of a cliff, and to a deservedly bitter end.


Stromboli In Pinocchio, the Fox and Cat lure the wooden boy to a life of showbiz with the master puppeteer Stromboli. At first Stromboli is amazed with the little wooden puppet that actually talks and needs no strings. He treats Pinocchio well at first, promising a life of fame and fortune. He even "adopts" the boy.
But the man's cruel nature is revealed when he locks Pinocchio in a cage. The boy finall 747 y learns what Stomboli does to unwanted puppets They end up in pieces in a trash bin, even used as kindling! No wonder the boy escaped, and in a hurry!

Judge Frollo

Frollo and Quasimodo
In the opening scenes of Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo's parents are ambushed by Judge Frollo. Thinking that whatever the woman is clutching is "stolen goods", Frollo orders his men to seize the bundle. But Quasi's mother takes off through the streets of Paris, ending her flight on Notre Dame's doorsteps. Pounding on the door and frantically seeking sanctuary, she is knocked down by Frollo and dies immediately.
In that bundle? A deformed baby a monster to Frollo's eyes. Shamed by the Archdeacon, Frollo is forced to rear the child. But Frollo doesn't want to be saddled with this misshapened creature. So he shutters the child in the belltower, away from the outside world.
For the next twenty years, Frollo psychologically batters Quasimodo for being ugly, deformed, and not fit for the outside world. Frollo reminds Quasi that the belltower is the safest place, and that he's only looking out for Quasi's best interest. "I am your only friend." Yeah, yeah, yeah...Tell me another lie. LOL
That is until Quasimodo sneaks out to the Feast of Fools, gets crowned King, suffers the crowd's cruelty, then meets the one person who has ever shown him kindness Esmeralda.
You know the rest of the story.
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