Photo Album II

FrolloFreak decided to display more of her private collection of Frollo stills. She would like to extend thanks to several of her WebTV friends for finding these pix.

His Grace's grand entrance in HoND. What power! What majesty! That hard, cold stare -- That hat! That cloak!

Lookin' mean! Even when Claude gets riled, he's still oh-so cute!

The famous "fearing for his immortal soul" close-up. Hmm...Claude Frollo showing a LOT of vulnerability...Somehow he seems extra adorable! Don't you love it when guys occasionally drop the macho act long enough...

Oooh...Singing the first bars of Out There. I love the way Claude's expression changes in this sequence. He smiles; he scowls; he's tender; he's enraged -- The man is a chameleon!

Claude telling Quasimodo, "And stay in here!" Nothing much to add -- Just another parent and child having a minor disagreement -- And "Dad" gets his way! One can actually hear Claude Frollo saying, "Because I said so!", when Quasi asks for the ten millionth time why he can't attend the FoF

"Destroy Esmeralda!" The Hellfire sequence is, in this lady's opinion, Disney animation at its finest. tell the truth, that's not why Claude Frollo is so angry. Seems he special ordered a silk scarf for his post-modern lady. The nitwit merchant subbed this cheap, flimsy, and distastefully-hued scarf for the far more expensive, more fashionable item...
"How DARE he send this disgusting piece of...Why, it's not even silk! My lady deserves the best, and this is the worst!"
The next day, Paris was minus one textile merchant.

This one is from the Disney Online Storybook -- Which in no longer online. :-(
Anyway, this shows Claude chasing Quasimodo's mom -- not one of his better moments -- but check out this illustration!
Notice the profile...the slender torso, and how the velvet tunic skims his gorgeous Claude's hand firmly grasps the the sword dangles from his side...The flowing cape...That hat...Those gloves...
I can go on and on and on and...Ah, be still my beating heart!

Well, that ought to do it. As always, if you have any Frollo pics to share, please send them to FrolloFreak. All submissions will be promptly acknowledged and, if used, will receive the proper citation.

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