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The Dreaming Star
Inspired by the Land Before Time movies, this tale delves into tragic loss and amazing rediscoveries. The grande dames of Disney's Dinosaur – Eema and Baylene – open this tale, retelling the story handed down from generations immemorial. This story is not long – only 8 chapters.
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Chapter Five
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Chapter Eight

My Big Fat Jurassic Wedding
Following up where "Dreaming Star" leaves off, this tale centers on Littlefoot and pals preparing for a lavish wedding in the Great Valley. But a timely (or untimely, however you look at it) arrival of our favorite kid longneck's great-Aunt threatens to pull the plug on the nuptials. Sweet, sometimes funny and serious, and blessedly short – Just 6 installments. 

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

One With The Force
A highly imaginitive Star Wars/DINOSAUR crossover that centers on Aladar reuniting with his mother with help from two stranded Jedi and an iguanodon named "Anakin". This tale borrows elements from Star Wars: Episodes III & VI, and key scenes from those films will be sprinkled throughout, coinciding with the action on Cretaceous Earth.
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Christmas in the Valley
Written in 2006, this is my first holiday themed fan fiction since "A Cretaceous Carol" (2001). The Great Valley and Nesting Grounds have merged in, of all places, the Land of Oz. This is actually another "sneaky peek" at JEDI IN OZ, my mega-crossover. The dinosaurs and lemurs experience Christmas for the first time. Ducky takes center stage in this story, and learns the real reason for the season.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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