Fanfic Collection #3

The last of my older (2000 to 2005) Disney-inspired fanfiction, this time all my Dinosaur fics. Then there are links to a few visitor-submitted fanfics and poetry.

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Dinosaur Fics

The Last of Her Kind
My first Dinosaur fic focusing on Baylene, one of my favorite characters. This story is told by Sarama, a parasaurolophus who has the gift of foreshadowing. She relates Baylene's family history and how the elderly brachiosaur became the last of kind.
Chapter One/Chapter Two/Chapter Three/Chapter Four/Chapter Five/Chapter Six/Chapter Seven/Chapter Eight

A Cretaceous Carol
Inspired by Dicken's classic holiday tale. A grumpy pachyrhinosaur named Eban, a cute baby iguanodon named Timor, spirit visitations, holiday gaiety. I know there was no Christmas during the Mesozoic, but please indulge me and enjoy!
Chapter 1|Chapter 2|Chapter 3|Chapter 4|Chapter 5

Eema's Last Journey
Inspired by a dream, my first crossover fan fiction borrows elements of Dinosaur, Titanic, with a little Jurassic Park thrown in for effect. Actually, a couple of characters from the latter make cameos.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 5Chapter 6 Chapter 7Chapter 8

La Carmensauria
Wrote this after I watched Carmen Jones and Dinosaur in one night. Pretty much borrowed from the famous novel and opera but without the music. Look for a young Kron in the Escamillo role. WARNING! Unlike my previous fics, this one, like the story that inspired it, has a very sad ending.

Acte I
Acte II
Acte III
Acte IV

Angels in the Valley
Bittersweet, and blessedly short, story (only 6 parts) about a corythosaurus family. The ladies of Dinosaur take centerstage. This novel is now complete.

Part I: Prologue
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI

Aladar & Neera: True Mates
Actually a Guest Circle fan fiction, but the author wanted his story listed with my Dinosaur fics. A short, sweet tale about our favorite Cretaceous couple and how they made it "legal" That is, Aladar delves into his lemur upbringing and fulfills his own Mating Ritual. Lovely little story!

Guest Circle Writings

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