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One With The Force

Chapter 31

     She made the right decision, to remain on Earth. Wasn't that what Gotoma said? About lives abruptly altered? One would return home while the other would stay. The one remaining on Earth would find life challenging in ways far different from the one left behind.

     On the Millennium Falcon, Kirel Tasou paid no attention to R2-D2's prattling or Chewie's grunts and howls. He stared out into the black space; that's all there was even since the Falcon penetrated the breach. It would be several hours before they reach the other side, and return to more familiar territory.
     How much has changed since he and Marbe fled Coruscant? Well, there was no more Palpatine, and Empire that rose from that nefarious one's intricate and meticulous scheming died the moment Anakin Skywalker, finally casting off the shackles of Darth Vader and the dark side, hurled the Emperor into the reactor core.
      The galaxy is, at last, free, and a New Republic shall rise again, but how, Kirel pondered, will it last? Surely, even with Palpatine and his Sith ilk defeated, there were those scattered across the galaxy, those still loyal to the Empire. All it would take is one to pick up the pieces, rouse the less wary and knowing into another frenzy, just as Palpatine orchestrated the trade dispute which escalated into full-scale war. Naturally, with a New Jedi Order, the hard won peace and prosperity will be maintained. However, and Kirel sensed all was still not well in the newly freed galaxy, there would be more trouble. As long as one Imperial sympathizer existed, the New Republic will have to fight to keep its liberty.

     He stared out the window. Nothing but black space. No stars, no planets, just empty blackness. Of course, the Falcon was travelling at lightspeed, so reaching the end of the breach wouldn't take very long.
     Several hours at least, just as long as it took us to...Hey, what happened to the skiff? It's still back on Earth. Not that it will do Marbe any good; where she's going it's not needed. And those dinosaurs, as brilliant as they are, have no use for it. Heck, they can't even fly it. So why did that Charlie guy tell Han and Luke, "The skiff will be in good hands."

      Shoving those thoughts from his mind, Kirel dwelled on his former protocol droid HK-47. How incredible to discover the droid's programming had been delicately and deftly tweaked by an as yet unknown technician. That tech, who was supposed to give HK a mind wipe before selling him to Ricar Tasou, obviously had ulterior motives, and he or she decided to use a protocol droid to do the dirty work. After all, HK was an assassin droid, programmed to kill and nothing more. No moral code or sense of right and wrong. Maybe that dishonest streak came with the package, as if that tech knew the droid would, eventually, turn on his master.
So what will happen to HK-47? It was plain Kirel couldn't keep him; he's just too dangerous. For now, the droid still had the restraining bolt fastened onto the neck, as so ordered by Master Hox. The moment the Falcon lands in Galactic City, said the Jedi Master, HK will be taken to a more reputable technician where he'll immediately get a mind-wipe. Then he'll be transported elsewhere, perhaps back to that old research facility on Mustafar, where HK was just before the Clone Wars.
Afterwards, Master Hox will find that renegade technician who tweaked the droid, but such a search may be fruitless as it was obvious the tech was an Imperialist sympathizer, and said person has most likely fled Coruscant to the Outer Rim.

"But what if that person is still in Galactic City?," Kirel muttered to himself.

With a sigh, Kirel took out a odd little item given to him from that man who took Marbe to her new home. Strange little toy, what looks like a hand mirror but is really a communicator of sorts. On this thing, that man said, I can observe my sister any time, anywhere. I can see what she's doing, even interact with her. I can't send a message via the Holonet, so I have to use this thing. That man said he got it from a powerful woman who lives in a faraway land on Earth.
"Her name is Glinda," Kirel muttered as he tried to make the magical item work. "She lives in a magical land called Oz, and she's the most powerful woman there. Even more so than its ruler."

     Kirel wanted to send a message to his sister but resisted. Not that he didn't know how this wondrous communicator worked; he just had to utter a few magical words. Already he missed her terribly, but he remembered that wizard's last words before Marbe transported to another era on Earth.
      "Leave her be for now, Kirel," Albus cautioned, "She needs to settle into her new life. Such relocation is difficult for the ordinary person, but remember she is Jedi, like yourself. She will be all right. Just take care of yourself, young one. These are unsettled days for the pair of you, and you will face your trials. Don't give into your anger or frustration. I, like Gotoma, foresee great things for you and your sister, but the dark side looms ever so powerful..."

      With a sigh, Kirel put away the magical item then rejoined Luke and Master Hox on the bridge. So much to discuss before he takes his place in the New Jedi Order. He just wished he could be there with his sister, and be present when those wonderful creatures they left behind get a glimpse into their future.
     Suddenly he felt a presence...One he hadn't felt for nearly two decades. Was it his father?


Back on Earth, New Orleans, 1848...

Deep River, my home is over Jordan,
   Deep River, Lord,
   I want to cross over into campground.
Oh don't you want to go
To that gospel feast,
That promised land
Where all is peace.

       Somehow, that old spiritual seemed to fit. The last time she heard it was back in the Nesting Grounds. Immediately after the memorial for Kamura and Anakin, old Mac, quite spontaneously, launched into song, a song that in reality would not be composed for millions of years. In a way, it seemed apropos.
      Concentrating deep in the Force, Marbe Tasou pondered her fate. Yes, she chose to remain on Earth as it was prophesied by both Gotoma and Sarama, though it pained her to part with her brother. How much she really wanted to return to Coruscant with Luke Skywalker and fulfill her original dream of continuing as a Jedi Knight. However, that was not meant to be. Marbe was destined to remain on this planet, but in a totally different time period. Of course she was among humans, but the circumstances were, in part, foreign. It took much fortitude on her part to deal with the historical, cultural, and technological shock.
       For a young woman who hadn't, up until recently, set foot outside the cramped Cocotown house, let alone gone beyond Galactic City, Marbe was quite unprepared for what greeted her once Charlie and that wizard transported her to New Orleans, to the year 1848. Oh, those two gentlemen explained much about the historical era, the geographical location, and a brief treatise on cultural and societal norms and expectations.
       How crude is this place! No technological advances. No way to get around other than by horse and carriage, and the railroad is, for the most part, still in its infancy. No Holonet to transmit a quick message; all that is available is the regular mail and the newly invented telegraph. One's recipient must wait weeks – months even – before a letter arrives.
      It also didn't set too well with Marbe that this country is ruled by men; women don't even have the vote, and that won't come until early into the next century.

     Also, according to Charlie, this country is the throes of sectional squabbling and the ever-growing argument over the expansion of slavery. Those sectional differences will, within a decade, explode in war.
     Wasn't that what the Clone Wars were about? An dangerously increasing, escalating dispute over trade with the outlying worlds resulting in a secession of those worlds from the Republic?
     "And the same will happen here," sighed Marbe. "I don't know...I'm getting a bad feeling about this. Prophecy notwithstanding, right now I wish I did go home with Kirel. At least I'd be in familiar territory..."

     In her luxurious sitting room overlooking the French Quarter, Marbe began to have misgivings about her future on Earth. While it comforted her to learn there were more Jedi on Earth, even several within this particular time frame. Such pessimistic thinking is not the Jedi way, despite the many displaced Jedi Knights and Masters found refuge on this planet. It disturbed her that she had yet to encounter any Jedi or even a Force Master in these several days since she and Kirel parted the ways.

     So where are they? Where are those refugees who fled from the Emperor's spies and Stormtroopers?
       "And why," she muttered annoyingly, "do I have to wear such clothes?"
      Marbe referred to her 1840's attire of a vivid blue silk ballgown with its wide crinoline skirt. She shifted uncomfortably, trying to get used to her tightly corseted waist. Back home, even in the Nesting Grounds, she never had to wear such hampering attire. How do these Earth women move in so many petticoats?

"It will be easier in time, Marbe."

     Who said that? She thought it was old Tante Seraphine who helped Marbe settle into her new home. This woman, a slave brought up from Haiti decades ago, was to be Marbe's link to her past, and her future, or so Gotoma said.
     Glancing about the empty room, Marbe thought the voice was the Force speaking to her. In a way it was.

     Again, the voice spoke, "Lay aside your anger and bitterness, Marbe. I've already counselled your brother, and he finally understands the perils of giving into anger and frustration. I want to believe I did not die in vain, that you and Kirel will fulfill your destinies as Jedi. Kirel will become one of the best in Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order. You, my child, will establish a long lineage of Jedi on Earth. It has been foretold eons ago, and you cannot alter what has been prophesied."

     She blinked again, finally focusing on the figure sitting next to her.



      So, it is true. Ricar Tasou did visit the Nesting Grounds days before his children fled Coruscant. Not in the flesh but as a Force Ghost, and he appeared to both Sarama and Gotoma. The former in the cave, amid the mystic crystals, the latter during a moonless night as the Herd began dreaming prophetic dreams, and hearing the music.

      Marbe had heard, from her mother, about Force Ghosts of deceased Jedi, but neither she nor Kirel had contact with one. Until now.
      The closest contact with their father had been through the training Holocron and Ricar's final recordings found on Master Hox's crashed starship. Now, for the first time, the Tasou siblings come face to face with the spirit of their father. Not an hour ago, Ricar Tasou had counselled the son; Kirel took his father's advice and cautions well. It is the daughter that needs more guidance lest she fall prey to the dark side. Already Marbe harbors doubt and anger. Doubt that she made the wrong decision, anger that her brother is destined for greater things. Marbe will have to understand that she is here for a reason, and her presence will have much bearing on other Jedi who fled to Earth via that breach. She will encounter several displaced Jedi in her lifetime, and each will play a crucial role in the futures both Sarama and Gotoma foresaw.

       "I could have appeared to you sooner," said Ricar, a spitting image of the twins with his dark hair and blue eyes. "But with the turmoil of the Empire and the Alliance's efforts to bring peace and justice to the galaxy, which of course had direct bearing on your future..."

       Ricar sighed, then continued, "That night, before Wolon returned from his errand, I felt a sudden shift in the Force. I had to appear to your mother, warn her of impending doom to you and Kirel. She did as instructed: Prepared the skiff, set it on course for the breach, and secured those recordings with R2. I also appeared to Master Hox who had just discovered the Nesting Grounds days before you and your brother. I instructed him not to tell you of our meetings, and that what was to transpire during your time with the dinosaurs–"
      Marbe nodded, "We had to learn it on our own. Kirel and I had to face down Len Targ and the carnotaurs without interference..."

      Ricar smiled at his daughter. "At any rate, and it was foretold long ago by Gotoma himself, your presence here, on this planet, in this particular time frame, is crucial. You see, there is a young man you will meet within the hour. He may seem, at first like any other antebellum American man, but look deeper, closer. Within him you will detect a commanding way with the Force. Together you will produce children, thus forging a long lineage of Jedi on Earth."

       He smiled again, commenting, "Marbe, you've matured into a beautiful young woman. Kirel has grown into a fine young man. Both of you have become fine Jedi, and you have made me proud. I do believe I made the right decision to resign from the Order to marry and produce children. At least, from my temporary absence from the Order, my decision played out well for all concerned."
      Marbe returned the smile but became serious, saying, "But you returned to the Order, to find a missing Master Hox. In doing so, General Grievous captured you, challenged you to a lightsaber duel with him winning." She added with some bitterness, "As he ended so many Jedi lives..."

       "No, Marbe. My death was not in vain. I've become one with the Force, as your dinosaur friends Kamura and Anakin. But do not mourn your mother and me. Miss us not, as Master Yoda would counsel. Marbe, there is a bright future ahead, not that your life will be without trauma and heartbreak. Life, even for an ordinary person, is not easy. For a Jedi, what pain this life hands us must be faced with courage and thoughtfulness. You must never give in to your anger or fear. However, what Sarama said is true: You shall never know fear or want."
       "But," Marbe countered, "what about the dreams I've had. The ones with me slaying men, then the other more persistent dream with Tante Seraphine. She said something about all the evil dying in the desert. I don't understand, Dad. If my presence here is that crucial..."
       She sighed, adding, "You say there are other Jedi on Earth, but where are they? Are they nearby? Scattered throughout the world?"

         Ricar nodded, then proceeded to tell Marbe the secret of the time slip, how it was opened, and the many Jedi who found it and safely escaped to Earth in various time periods.

        "What was to be Count Dooku's fiercely kept secret became a boon for countless Jedi and Force Masters fleeing the Emperor's clutches. Now, one displaced Jedi you will meet within days of your marriage. Another, more important Jedi, lives half a world away and is, as we speak, forging friendships with the great men of music. You and he will cross paths many decades from now, in another special place which will be, briefly, home to another Jedi. Jean-Paul knows this musical Jedi you will meet."

      Before vanishing, Ricar Tasou, cautioned, "Do not let your doubts and fears cloud your judgment. Be mindful of your thoughts. Now, go to that ball. Meet your future husband who is descended from a Force Master of Naboo. A great friend to the Naberries, and to many a Jedi Master. I shall be watching you from afar, Marbe. May the Force be with you."

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