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One With The Force


La Terre Belle, Natchez

April 22, 1912

My dearest Charlotte,

      Oh my dear friend, I'm sure you've read the newspaper accounts of the awful tragedy. What a tremendous loss of life! I felt it, actually sensed a sudden disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of souls cried out then silenced. What makes this so incredible is that I learned of the disaster eons ago, whilst in the company of those extraordinary dinosaurs. Sarama, the hadrosaur, actually visualized the event, and the Herd later interacted with the 1500. As Kirel said, if there isn't a more clear example of these animals' keen ways with the Force...

      I also sensed another great loss, and not just the 1500 unfortunates who perished in the frigid Atlantic. A Jedi became one with the Force the very moment Titanic descended into the sea.
      His name was Helmut Brück, but among the Jedi he was Bruno Dibon of the Naboo. He was very close to the Naberries, and a great friend to many Jedi Masters, particularly Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Yoda, and Luminara Unduli. Bruno was gifted musically but chose the way of the Jedi as his life path. However, the long war and the entire galaxy plunging into the dark side made him weary and longing for the beauty he knew on Naboo. I've told you how he, en route home, found that space breach, the very one Kirel and I penetrated decades ago. What a boon for so many Jedi escaping Palpatine's madness!
      I had the great fortune to meet Helmut Brück, along with other transplanted Jedi, whilst touring Europe with Jean-Paul. It was nearly ten years ago, in London, and we were invited to a dinner party given by a prominent couple. Large, lovely house in Belgravia with many servants. Helmut had been invited as well and, despite his greatly advanced age, enthralled us with his recount of the great men of music. How impressive this Jedi spent his life travelling Europe, meeting those men. He told us of meeting Beethoven that first time, upon settling in Vienna. He studied under Mendelssohn, performed with Chopin, even conducted his own chamber orchestra in Leipzig. Helmut was particularly close to Schumann and Brahms, though it distressed him to witness the former's slow descent into madness.

      It is sad but necessary those Jedi who came to Earth via the breach, myself included, had to change our names. This, according to both Bruno and Jean-Paul was vital as another who passed through the slip was once a Jedi Apprentice but failed his trials. The embittered young man fell to the dark side on his own, not prodded by a Sith as was Anakin. This fallen Jedi, Lorenz Kast, came to Earth circa 1460 and worked his dark designs on a minor French noble family. Jean-Paul's forebear, a displaced Force Master also from Naboo, was one of Kast's victims. I shall not go into detail on that horrible episode as the wizard who brought me to New Orleans in 1848 cautioned that such information is that delicate. The truth will come out via one of my descendants, my great-great great granddaughter, the one Charlie spoke of during his visit those many decades ago. Let me say this: She has a connection to someone or something Count Dooku snatched years ago. That precious cargo also has ties to my father, to Jean-Paul's forebear, and to a once persecuted woman who promised to make things right.

       My dear friend, I must say the years spent on this planet has opened my eyes to so much wonder, and disappointments. In a way, what troubles on Earth almost mirror those of my home galaxy. Kirel's last transmission attests to my conclusions, and though the New Republic is thriving, there are still those loyal to the Old Empire, to Palpatine's Sith philosophy, who threaten that hard-won liberty continuously. I shall not elaborate on what perils and trials befell Kirel; that is for my descendant to unravel. His many travels and adventures trying to find his way back to the light side of the Force have been recorded and placed with R2. The droid is no longer with me as its mere presence may cause some Earth people consternation. R2, as well as the skiff, is safely tucked away elsewhere, and that location is fiercely guarded. When the time comes, my great-great great granddaughter will inherit the astromech, as well as my lightsaber.
        How do I know of a woman who has yet to born? I felt it days before receiving a telegram from my granddaughter just yesterday. After years of barreness, Ariana at last gave birth to healthy baby girl, promptly christened Bethena Joie Boussard. The child is named after her father's mother, a free black Creole who still lives near New Orleans. Alas, the father is no longer with us. He became one with the Force in last summer, just as Ariana discovered she was with child. Bad heart, so Ariana reported from faraway Nevada. Why there? They had to leave Louisiana, soon after their marriage in 1896, in wake of anti-miscegenation laws. If they stayed here, they would have faced a prison sentence. Such nonsense! Back on Coruscant, even in the whole of the galaxy, such marriages are not uncommon. My parents knew of one such couple who produced a pair of excellent Force Masters. Those children, I learned from Charles, now reside in a safe place on Earth, though I do not know the exact location.
       Now, I do not know if Ariana's child is Jedi worthy, but the Force is strong in the mother, as it is with Axelle, Ariana's mother, my daughter. The Force also was strong with my other children, Aramis and Margot, but not strong enough to withstand fate. You know of my son, Aramis. He married a pretty and brilliant Spanish lady then moved to San Francisco some years after the war. They started a Pacific trading company that did business with the Far East, mostly tea, hardwoods, and fine silks. The company prospered, and the happy couple were blessed with four beautiful children. Alas, joy turned to sorrow as Aramis and three of the children met their end in that awful earthquake in 1906. Axelle is my only surviving child; Margot fell victim to yellow fever in 1872. Not yet twenty and engaged to a delightful Italian gentleman who had just settled near Mobile. Do I grieve for my dead children? Of course, though it is not the Jedi way. I do not miss nor mourn them, but I remember the joy they gave me while alive. They were happy, well adjusted younglings, despite the shadow of war and death all around them during their formative years.

       Naturally, I have no need for sadness, as my life has had its many joys amid the heartbreak. As Sarama promised, I have not known fear nor want. Despite the war and its aftermath, I have not given into my anger or fear. Oh, there were those times during Reconstruction that I wanted to lash out with my lightsaber, to strike down those who, in their blind faith in the Old South, refused to regroup and rebuild. Instead they took out their frustrations and anger on those who needed help most. I sensed that when Orielle left the South for good, fully disgusted by people intent on plunging half the country into the dark side. She told me, before departing, not to worry about her or her future. Such feelings are not the Jedi way; besides, there would be more joys amid the sadness for generations to come. This she sensed as the news of my great-granddaughter's birth reached her ears. She would not tell me everything she sensed, but assured me that all we sacrificed would not be in vain. As my father promised when he met his end...

      My dear Charlotte, in spite of everything and all I've sacrificed for the future of the Jedi, my life is good. My husband and I have grown quite old together. Hard to believe we've been together almost sixty-five years. Jean-Paul has been a joy to me, and he still is despite his own advancing years. He just passed his ninety-second birthday, and I will turn eighty-eight come June. He has finally revealed much of his family's history, and that will be learned by Bethena's granddaughter. It is very painful, what happened to Jean-Paul's displaced ancestor and his family. He was a Force Master from Naboo, having settled in France during the late 15th Century. I will tell you this: Amiel Beauchamps was not as he appeared, and he harbored many secrets concerning the Jurassic dinosaurs my father encountered. What secrets those are I do not know, but...
      The wonders of time travel are astounding! Already I've had a glimpse into that future, events that will take place many years following my death. The hadrosaur Sarama, in her last transmission, spoke of an event that may have far- reaching consequences. She would not elaborate, but her visions pointed to my great- great granddaughter who would not be born until 1942, in the midst of war.

     Sarama reported her vision in full. Bethena's daughter will be beautiful, artistic, musical, like most of my family. However, circumstances will force the young woman to make life choices not to her advantage, one of which will plunge her into a violent, loveless marriage. From that union will – or will it? I cannot say as the future is quite clouded. The child produced from this marriage is destined to fulfill Gotoma's prophecy. She will not know of her destiny until much later in life, far too advanced in age for true Jedi training. But it will happen. She will be a Jedi in the fullest sense. This I can truly feel. Already I can sense the Force running stronger in her, perhaps stronger than in me or my brother. She will be musical like Bruno, and she'll channel her Force abilities into that music.
      Oh, my friend, the rest of Sarama's vision is far too muddled, and this unborn child's future is muddled as well. Despite her joys and successes there will be too many tragedies unprecedented, capped by a tremendous revelation... Her mother will not live to tell her the truth. The dark side of the Force will tempt and persuade her. This I can feel, and I shall be there in spirit to counsel and guide...So will my brother, so will Luke Skywalker, so will the Jedi...And the dinosaurs.

      Dear Charlotte, Sarama also reported the Herd's own visions of the future. They've seen a most disjointed parade of faces and events. The sinking of Titanic was one, and both Sarama and Baylene saw one outcome of that tragedy: The death of the lady Jean-Paul and I met in London. They clearly saw the grieving husband's face when he received the dreaded marconigram... Then there were other visions: A young farm girl from Kansas whisked away to a land of wonder; Robert Schumann hurling himself into the Rhine, and the Jedi who was his friend commiserating during the composer's last mad days. Baylene saw a young couple persecuted for their faith, escaping to a safe haven. Plio and Eema saw me meeting Jean-Paul that first time, and Xander...
      I shall not delve into what Xander saw in the mystic pool. That is for my descendant to discover for herself. I will tell you this: Xander promised he'd never reveal...Somehow, he and I share a connection, beyond our friendship at the Nesting Grounds, but I have as yet to unravel it.

      I will close for now. My time, I feel, is rapidly growing to a close. When will I become One with the Force? That is not for me to know or decide. Already Jean-Paul knows his time is very close, but neither of us fret over death as it is a natural part of life.

Mourn us not, miss us not.

      Tell your son that I had the privilege of not only glimpsing into my family's future, but that of his. He will mature into a remarkable man, a man of great power and strength. Through the miracle of the time slip, and power of the Force, I've met the elderly Charles Lavigne. He is extremely gifted in the magical arts and deeply devoted to his adopted family. As of now, he still does not know of our friendship; I've never told him that I actually met his mother or that we maintain a regular correspondence. He will learn that in time, once the Herds are safely transported to that wondrous land, once the Dark Jedi and all the evil is at last defeated. The truth will be revealed in the end, as that note one as yet unidentified Earthbound Jedi sent to Charles so explicitly yet cryptically stated.

      One more item I had neglected to mention. I met Tante Seraphine one more time before she became one with the Force. It was after news of our son's death reached us, and that old, wise woman said, "Everything will be all right in the end. Marbe (She knew my real name), don't fret over your family. Everything, bad and good, will come full circle. Just keep believing that all the evil will die in the desert. Don't ask how or when, but the suffering will come to an end. No more darkness, no more scheming, no more backstabbing, at least for the Earth Jedi. We will surely prevail!"
      Is Seraphine Sarama reborn? I do not know, but the resemblance, the wisdom, the compassion, is uncanny. Perhaps I shall meditate on this more deeply.
      I will close now. Ariana is bringing the baby as soon as she's strong enough to travel, which is not far. Less than a day's ride from Natchez...

I am, good friend,

Marbile Beauchamps née Marbe Tasou, Jedi Knight


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