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One With The Force

Chapter 32

     "Did you see that? Just like Gotoma said. Aww, she is so pretty in her ballgown, all dolled up. I bet her future husband is getting an eyeful."

     In the cave, several of the Herd gathered around the clairvoyant mineral pool, as instructed by Gotoma, to peer into far-off future events. These events will have direct and indirect repercussions for the Herd, culminating into an incredible relocation. This Gotoma told the dinosaurs, lemurs, and Jedi present that day the visitors departed. Nothing can be changed as it's prophesied, as Gotoma cautioned.
     Eema peered into the pool, taking in the images reflected back. In that pool, she saw a large room, elegantly appointed. Dozens of equally gorgeously dressed ladies and gentlemen waltzed gracefully about in rhythm with the music. And such beautiful music! Eema had heard it before, but this time she could see what made those wonderful sounds.
     "Odd little things those humans are playing," she said with a sigh, "But the sound they make is absolutely breathtaking. Look, Neera, a gentleman is introducing Marbe to Jean-Paul."
      Neera smiled, saying, "She has the same look in her eye..."
      Plio rejoined, "As yours did. At the old lake after Aladar found water for the little orphans."
      Neera sighed, "Too bad Marbe had to change her name, but it goes with the territory, or so Gotoma said."
     Eema nodded, "Yeah. Poor girl can't let her guard down. All those Jedi who came here had to change their names, even had to take up other ways to earn a living."
      She glanced about, asking, "Where's Baylene and Sarama? I thought they'd be here watching all this, especially Sarama."
      Old Yar replied, "Last time I saw them was by the lake. Beats me why they passed this up. What we're seeing is so fascinating. Imagine, we get to keep up with Marbe and Kirel and Artmo..."
       "Thank that wizard friend of Charlie's," said Plio, watching Marbe waltz with Jean-Paul. "He said he got the magical communicator from a powerful lady, and that she will be the one who will help us relocate to our new home."

      Not far from the pool, Aladar and Xander peered into the mystic crystals. Neither knew what to expect as neither had done this before.
      "I know," said Aladar, trying to conjure up an image in the colorful minerals, "Sarama and Eema use these, even see things in them, but for the life of me, I can't see a thing. Just sparkly colors."
      "Same here," said Xander half amusedly. "Maybe we don't have the stuff."

      Aladar laughed, then said, "Hey, why don't we head back to the lake. I could use a good cool drink, and I need to talk to you. We've known each other just a few weeks, but I guess it's the right time to ask you..."
     Xander lifted a brow quizzically, asking, "Ask me what?"

     "Well, you know that Bruton was Kron's second in command."
      Aladar paused, noting Xander's puzzled look. He chuckled, saying, "Okay, so it's not like that, but since becoming the Herd's leader, I've never had a sergeant, or something like that. So, if you're willing, why not be my partner in leadership? No, I'm not like Kron. I won't push you to do stupid things or lord over you. I just need someone to help out with everyday Herd stuff. Someone I can trust. That's you, Xander."
      Xander thought it over. It's not as if he had another place to go. His sole companions during his orphanhood are dead, as was his family. The Nesting Grounds is home now, and Xander forged many friendships with the Herd, especially with Aladar who he regarded as a brother.
      "I'd be honored to be your partner, Aladar. Maybe it's what I need. A sense of belonging and responsibility. Besides, being a co-leader will give me something to do. Don't what to feel like I'm mooching off your kindness."

       Aladar laughed again, replying, "Hey, I've never considered you a moocher." Then with a wry smile, "Well, maybe more like a brother."
       Xander laughed in kind. "Hey, we think alike. How's that for partners? I thought the same thing. You know, us as siblings. Since we've lost our natural families...Well, everything works out for the best."
       Then, "Aladar, do you believe all that Gotoma said? That the Herd will soon move to another home? That we'll see the Tasous again? Well, not Marbe or Kirel in the flesh, but one of Marbe's descendants. I don't get it. How can we meet her great-great granddaughter? We'll be long dead. It just doesn't make sense."
        Aladar shook his head, nodding at Eema who was still enraptured by the images in the pool.
        "Eema seems to believe it, and, to my surprise, so does Neera and Plio. It doesn't seem possible to meet someone who won't be born for another century. We don't live forever...But...Didn't Gotoma say this new home is magical, that no one ever ages or dies."
        "Don't forget," said Xander, "that we'll make contact with the Valley gang. Even that is more incredible. How can that happen?"

      Aladar thought it over. Well, we've done it before, when we met the 1500 on that ship, even talked to them, and met the man who found Eema's remains. Maybe it is possible...

      Shaking his head again, as if to dispel the wildly improbable images from his mind, Aladar said, "How about that drink? Let the ladies and Yar look at the pictures in the pool. We can't seem to see what they see."


       On the other side of the lake, Baylene and Sarama, taking a long cool drink, peered into the waters, trying to conjure again the images they saw earlier. How odd what they saw, so disjointed and not all all what Gotoma said were signs of the future.
       One man receiving sad news of his wife's death aboard the same ship Sarama foresaw long ago. Another man, in the throes of depression and angst, throwing himself into the icy Rhine only to survive and spend the remainder of his days confined in a mental hospital. Then that man's friend, a Jedi at that! This Jedi found himself among the great men of music, even befriended several. He composed something of great importance, something one man would steal almost a century later.

     "I saw him, Baylene. The images in the water, that is. I saw him walking alongside Neera of all things. He told Neera how he came to Earth, and of the special man he met. In the images, the man died, and this Jedi joined the funeral procession. He tells Neera that he married another Jedi who fled Order 66, and that there are others living throughout the planet."
       Baylene concurred with this, adding, "I saw similar things in the water. A couple, a man and his wife, escaping some madman's clutches. Someone appears to them and offers to take them to a safe place. However, they, sadly, are the few of their family who find any refuge. Then I saw another Jedi, another who found his place among musicians. Yet he, like the couple, had to flee his adopted homeland, helped by the same man who helped the couple escape a horrible fate. It is all so muddled, Sarama. These are supposed to be signs of our future, but how?"
       Sarama replied, "Gotoma said each of us will soon encounter these future events, even interact with humans who will, either directly or indirectly, affect that ultimate move to another home. As you said, it is so muddled. Even I, who seldom doubt my own visions, have a hard time believing it all."
       Baylene, still peering into the water, commented, "I still miss those youngsters, and Artmo Hox."
        She chuckled, adding, "I shall certainly miss Hox lifting me like that. What a grand feeling to float effortlessly through the air! I believe that triggered my Force abilities, to save the Tasous and Hox from those carnotaurs and that vicious bounty hunter."

       Sarama smiled at that, but she became quite serious when she shared with Baylene another vision she experienced shortly after the Tasous went their separate ways. This she shared with no one, not even Hadron or Aladar. It was that disturbing, dangerous even.
       "I'm telling you this, Baylene. Promise to share it with no one else. You remember what Gotoma said about the Tasous encountering their own trials and brushes with the dark side. Well, and this came to me shortly after they left, I saw Kirel stepping into what could very well be his undoing."
       "What?," asked a curious Baylene.
       "Someone is waiting for him the moment he arrives home. Someone dangerous and sinister. This person will play on Kirel's thoughts and feelings. He misses his sister, and this person will pick up on this. He will fall, Baylene. He will fall to the dark side and face many perils in efforts to return to the light side of Force. Kirel will return to the light, thanks to timely help from Luke Skywalker. But that person will escape, actually come to Earth, the very last to penetrate that time slip. She bides her time, all the while plotting a most dangerous, sinister..."

      Sarama took a deep breath, concluding, "Where the Herd will end up is where this evil one waits. Oh, she will be defeated, but how I still don't know. This latest vision disturbs me greatly. I know this wondrous place will be our new home, but..."
      Baylene countered, "But it has been prophesied, Sarama, All the evil will die in the desert. That is what Gotoma promised. The evil will be defeated, with help from us. We can't change that, Sarama. It will happen. We just have to be ready when the time comes."

     With a sigh, the elderly brachiosaur glanced up at the sky hoping to see another starship cruising towards Earth. Maybe the Tasous and Master Hox will be the only Jedi they'll see their lifetime, then again...

      "Come on, Baylene," said Sarama with some finality, "Let us go to the cave. I have a feeling we'll see more of our future there, in the pool..."


      Under an incredibly tall tree, Suri and Ola sat. Just passing time with small talk and nibbling on the juicy fruits that fell from the tree's branches. How much they missed their guests, those wondrous Jedi who brought such joy to the Nesting Grounds. Suri especially missed the droids...Well, not HK as he was just too dangerous and not very nice. She pondered that odd business Gotoma said about the Herd moving to a new home. He told all who gathered that day the Herd would eventually resettle in a land full of wonder and magic. They would, and this even a youngster as Suri couldn't believe, in time interact with those dinosaurs of legends: The Great Valley herd. How can that be? Those guys died ages ago, way before even Eema's parents or Gotoma himself were born.

      "That," said Suri to Ola, "was just too weird. How can we leave our valley? There's still not much out there. No green grass or trees or water or anything."
      She nodded to the imposing rock wall that sheltered the Grounds from the outside world.
      "Even our old island is not much, not after the Fireball."
      Ola replied, "Well, Mama said a human lady will help the Great Valley herd move to this new home. That will be Marbe's great-great-great granddaughter. That's what's got me stumped. We'd be long gone by that time, so what gives?"

     "The time slip, young ones. That is what makes it special. That is why your Herd will be united with those creatures of old."

     "Who said that?," asked a worried Ola.
      Suri gasped at the apparition, pointed and shouted, "Look, Ola! A Jedi!"

      Before them stood the ghostly presence of Obi-Wan Kenobi, not as the aged "Ben" who trained Luke Skywalker, but the younger, more vigorous Jedi Master as he appeared just before the Clone Wars.
      He spoke to the children in gentle tones, "Little ones, the Great Migration is nearly at hand. It will happen as if in a blink of an eye. Now, your questions about the possibility of Marbe Tasou's descendant, a woman several generations removed from Marbe, coming to your valley. Your elders, at this moment, ask the same. How can it be?"
       "Thank the one who opened that breach, one who discovered it and kept the secret to himself. He used that discovery for his own selfish agenda, but he never lived long enough to revisit the slip. When he died, the secret of the time slip supposedly died with him. Alas, Ricar Tasou, quite by accident, found that breach, visiting the Great Valley twice. You already know, via Master Hox, of those visits."
       Obi-Wan then explained how the time slip served as an escape route for those Jedi and Force Masters fleeing the Emperor's Order 66. The Tasous were only two of several Jedi who penetrated the breach, settling on Earth. However, that slip has strange properties: Quite inexplicably, it sent the refugees to random historical eras. Some ended up in the 19th Century, a few settled in 1400's Europe, a handful to ancient civilizations.
        "Marbe now knows she is not the only Jedi in 1800's Earth. Half a world away is another Jedi. There will be others Marbe and her descendants will encounter in various parts of the world. Some will be known right away, others not so obvious."

      The Jedi Master smiled and said before vanishing, "Do not worry, younglings. Your Herd is remarkably blessed with the Force. In time, as Gotoma promised, a few of your Herd will experience more of the far-off future firsthand. Through the Force, you will see faces, places, events which will impact the Herd's future. Then Xander..."
       Obi-Wan paused, saying, "I am not at liberty to reveal what Xander will experience. That is for his eyes only."

     Then, finally, "As I said, do not distress over your future. All will be well. May the Force be with you."

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