One With the Force: Preface      
one with force

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

   ...And sixty-five million years ago on a small planet in another galaxy far, far away....

     Announcing my third crossover fan fiction, and it will not be my last. After I wrote my first crossover – Disney's Dinosaur mixed with Titanic and a little Jurassic Park – I realized writing crossover fan fiction was so much fun. This was especially the case when I wrote "The Disney Seven", taking several characters from various Disney animated films.
     So why not mix it up even more with two, three, or more of my favorite films and television shows. This next story was inspired by Markus, a frequent visitor who loves my Dinosaur fan fiction. He's been after me for so long to do a Star Wars-Dinosaur crossover.

     Until recently I had no idea how to bring these two very different films together. In fact, I've recently rediscovered my love Star Wars after viewing Episode II "Attack of the Clones". Until then I was a casual Star Wars fan, not so much into the movies as was my baby sister. I knew the basic story but never got caught up in Star Wars Mania.
     Then came 2002, and I went to see "Attack of the Clones" on a whim. So intrigued with the universal themes of good versus evil, fall from grace and redemption, temptation, betrayal, and forgiveness, that I instantly got out my old Star Wars VHS tapes. I watched Episodes IV through VI in one night then bought Episode I. Then came Episode II, and I waited the three long years for "Revenge of the Sith." The Star Wars saga has become one of my all-time favorites, but don't expect me to roleplay or dress up as Leia if and when I ever attend one of the fan conventions.

     About this story...
      After long and deep concentration in the Force, I finally came up with a plausible plot for my two young Jedi siblings, and explain just how they end up on Earth during the Cretaceous Period. I took a few liberties but kept the integrity of both films intact. Taking inspiration from key scenes in all the Star Wars movies, I decided to concentrate on Episodes III and VI, since the action of my main story is driven by specific events in those films.

     The Dinosaur angle takes place long after the movie ends, a year or two after Aladar led the Herd to the Nesting Grounds. Original characters from my previous Dinosaur fan fictions will return: Sarama, Hadron, Mother Adah, Ola. A handful of new characters will be introduced, including one very special lady.

     Once this story is two-thirds done, I'll turn attentions to another, more ambitious, possible five-way crossover. "One With the Force" will serve as springboard for what may be a multi-novel arc. Hints of that upcoming fan fiction's plot will be sprinkled liberally throughout OWTF; one character in particular will play a crucial role in the ultimate outcome of OWTF, paving the way for the five-way crossover. Those hints should give you some clues as to what films, books, and television programs inspired this highly imaginative, totally improbable story.

     Enough said! On to the Prologue of "One With the Force."

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