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One With The Force

Chapter 33

      "Obi-Wan was right. So was Gotoma. The Herd did experience faces, places, and events that would impact their future. Even I sensed strange vibes in the Force, not only for myself, but for Kirel. As if I was at his side the moment the Millennium Falcon landed in Galactic City, I felt a sensation that all would not be well for my brother. Something or someone was lying in wait, ready to pounce upon him, taking advantage of his separation from me..."
      Those were the last words Charlie heard from Marbe Tasou, now rechristened Marbile Beauchamps, just before he departed for his own time period. He would receive many more over Marbe's lifetime, much of it good news, some rather disturbing. Her life, just as Sarama promised would be without fear and want, but there would be heartache and the ever-menacing temptation of the dark side.
      He was now back in his own time period, pouring over notes and that Holocron Marbe gave him. On the latter was a series of recorded messages exchanged between Marbe and the Herd. Sadly, there was not much concerning Kirel as the Jedi had his hands full furthering his training. Kirel's last transmission to Marbe came a few weeks after he and Luke left for Dantooine. Both wanted to see the remains of that pen where Count Dooku kept the kidnapped dinosaur. Alas, and Marbe feared the worst, Kirel fell to the dark side at the hand of a yet unknown person. That person's identity and how Kirel managed to return to the light side of the Force would not be revealed until more than a century later. It would be, just as Gotoma foretold, Marbe's great-great-great granddaughter who would confront this person, thus thwarting an evil invasion plot.
        Thinking about Madeline, Charlie played again that tape she sent, recorded during her triumphant debut as conductor. It was in Nashville, and Madeline not only was the featured soloist; she also acted as guest conductor for the closing selection. A gushing Maddie called Charlie just before he departed on his transtemporal journey. She said it was one of the most thrilling moments of her life, despite the nervousness. However, and she told Charlie this, she felt a presence, a rumble in the Force, as if Robert Schumann himself was at her side as she flawlessly conducted his Fourth Symphony.
      A rumble in the Force, eh? So she did feel it, and Charlie had an inkling his goddaughter was that more intuited with the Force, a fact of which she was not quite aware – Yet.

      Still studying the Holocron recordings, Charlie finally determined to convince Maddie a vacation was in order. Yet there were a few last minute details to attend, such as making sure the skiff and Marbe's droid had been safely transported to a safe place.
       How timely! No sooner did Charlie think of the droid and skiff, along with the images and sounds the Holocron emitted, a message came through on his own Holonet transmitter. Now, this was no ordinary transmitter; it had the power to transmit data over time and space, even dimensions.

       Coming into view was a beautiful lady, a powerful witch, but she was not at all wicked. Dark-haired, blue-eyed, and clad in flowing ruby-encrusted red robes. This was Glinda the Good who had taken a special interest in Charlie's goddaughter. Madeline was, in truth, a Jedi, though she had no idea her illustrious other galaxy family was descended from a long line of Jedi Knights.
      Glinda greeted Charlie with, "I must say this is quite extraordinary. Magic and technology all blended together." She laughed, adding, "Albus certainly has a time with the Holonet. He would prefer we used the owls!"
       Charlie returned the humor then asked about the skiff and droid. To this Glinda assured both items are in safe hands.
        "R2 is...Well, she is safe and sound, and still has that recording. As for the skiff, I am not at liberty to reveal its location yet. Wait until Maddie completes her Jedi training. She will need it then, but not until..."
       Charlie frowned, asking, "Does this have anything to do with the information I relayed earlier about a certain Jedi Knight who passed through that breach? He was in that last group of Knights to flee the initial purge. I'm asking because I've learned from Plio a few of the Herd have experienced scenes from the future. Neera in particular actually interacted with this Helmut Brück. That is his Earth name; I don't know his Jedi name."
        Glinda frowned as well, but she said, "That is rather strange, but if these animals are that Force-sensitive...Well, it stands to reason the Herd could not only see visions but actually interact with them."
       Then she asked, "What about Kirel? Did Marbe hear any more from him? I'm asking because Marbe received a message from Sarama. That dinosaur surely has the gift of foreshadowing, and what she foresaw for Kirel has come to pass. How do I know? I heard it straight from...Well, I cannot reveal that information either. It's that delicate, Charlie."
      That said, Glinda ended the transmission; the image faded from view.

       Consumed with curiosity, Charlie then replayed Plio's last message. Indeed, the Herd saw some things rather fascinating, some quite disturbing. He then concentrated deep in the Force, conjuring those very images Neera, in particular, saw.


      "What did you see, Neera?," asked a curious Plio. "Did you actually talk to this person? Who was he? What did he say?"
      Neera shifted uncomfortably, clearly perturbed from her prophetic dream. She'd never had visions before; in the past she considered such things as nonsense. Yet, she did experience something wonderful, although she didn't quite understand at first. After that dream, she concluded it had direct bearing on the music the Herd had been hearing.
      "He said he was a Jedi. Helmut Brück was his Earth name, but he never told me his Jedi name. Oh Plio, in my dream I found myself walking alongside this man. It was night, and more people were walking to some place. The men ahead carried something, so I asked the Jedi. He said a great man died, the first man he met after he landed on Earth, in a city called Vienna. This was the man's funeral procession, then Helmut explained how he came to this city, to this planet."
       "It was at the close of the Clone Wars, and he was quite weary of conflict and war. All he wanted was to return to Naboo, his home. He wanted to recapture that beauty he thought lost during the wars. The galaxy had plunged into the dark side..."

      Neera went on to explain the Jedi was on his way to Naboo when he received a message from Obi-Wan warning all Jedi of the Emperor's treachery. There he decided to head for the Outer Rim, thinking he would be safer, but things happened.
      Mysteriously and unexpectedly, his starfighter veered far off-course, taking him far beyond the galaxy. He found what was thought a black hole, but he was wrong. This was the secret breach Ricar Tasou found long ago. Ricar told him; he told a handful of Jedi about the breach's phenomenal properties. All that handful had to do was spread the word. Unfortunately, most Jedi had already died; many more went into exile. A precious few found and penetrated the breach, finding themselves on an alien planet in a galaxy far removed from their own.

      "And that's where he ended up, Plio. On Earth in the early 19th Century, far beyond our own time frame. He landed in a country called Austria, in the city of Vienna. There he met many men of music, one in particular became a great friend as would many more. Anyway, he attended a concert and fell in love with the music, even taught himself to play piano and violin, through the Force of course."
     Plio was quite curious; she asked, "Did he tell you about the man who died? Who was he?"
      Neera replied, "The Jedi said the man had lost his hearing long ago, yet he composed his greatest music despite the deafness."


      "Helmut Brück knew Beethoven? So, he must have landed on Earth circa 1825 or 1826. Beethoven died in 1827. Hmm...According to Neera's vision, Helmut revealed that several Jedi ended up in that particular time frame, between 1825 and 1850. Orielle and...Tallulah! Didn't I meet her in 1848 Mississippi? The Cherokee girl? So, she was Jedi, too, or a Force Master. This case is getting extremely complicated..."

      Charlie shoved away the Holocron, not wanting to see any more. As he reasoned, the mystery surrounding that handful of Jedi on Earth was becoming too complicated. He still had much to learn, but the entire truth wouldn't come out until after his goddaughter – and the dinosaur – relocated to a new home.
       At that moment, a figure entered the room, sat next to Charlie and said, "Neera's dream encounter with Helmut Brück, née Bruno Dibon, is only a small part of the puzzle, Charlie. If you read Marbe's letter to her friend, dated April 22, 1912, you'll learn more how great an impact the Earthbound Jedi presence had. No, they did not use their Force abilities in the usual sense; they found other uses for those abilities. Such as Helmut channelling the Force through music. It is partially the reason the Herd experienced such music."
      Charlie looked up to see Obi-Wan Kenobi in the form of a Force ghost. The Jedi Master told Charlie much about Bruno and other Jedi who found refuge on Earth, and their presence had profound impact on a handful of Earthlings, but not as one would think.
       "Obi-Wan," said Charlie, sweeping his long wrinkled fingers through thinning gray hair, "What I've experienced since visiting Marbe then the Herd has proven quite unsettling. Oh, I've learned the truth about that time slip, but I had no idea so many Jedi actually found their way to Earth, albeit in varying eras..."

      He stopped himself; his eyes widened in sudden realization at the mention of the letter's date. "That date, Obi-Wan...Just days after the Titanic sank. Ah...Sarama foresaw that tragedy, but what does that have to do with earthbound Jedi?"
      Master Kenobi replied, "One Jedi died on that same night, the very hour, and Marbe's letter discusses that event."

        Changing the subject, Obi-Wan then asked, "Have any of the Herd other than the usual individuals experienced more visions of the future? I'm asking as I've felt a sudden disturbance in the Force, so did Marbe and Kirel. Marbe received one last transmission from Plio concerning Aladar and Xander, the latter's reaction when he peered into the mineral pool...Charlie, you must convince your goddaughter to relocate at once."
      That said, just before vanishing, Master Kenobi added, "You may want to look at that note another earthbound Jedi sent to Marbe. It has bearing on events yet to happen, particularly those of your goddaughter, the dinosaurs, among others."
      Charlie sifted through the papers, finding the note. Now this is strange. Scribbled in a neat mixture of English and Galactic Basic, it read:



       He had to look once again. He'd never seen "things" in the pool before, so why did he see that? He thought it was his reflection, but it wasn't.
       Xander, alone in the cave, and out of curiosity, peered into the mineral pool, hoping to see what the others could see. He never felt "special" like Eema or Baylene who seemed to have the gift. But what made him see that?
       Cautiously approaching the pool, Xander glanced into the colorful waters, catching his own reflection. The waters rippled, revealing a face that wasn't his! A deep sense of nausea overcame him; he felt it again, that sudden disturbance that all was not right. That dream he had when the kids were in here, in the cave...The one where he finds himself in a meadow, near a large house. In that house lives several humans, one or two he swore he had met before. The woman in particular seemed familiar...

      "You will meet her again, Xander," said a ghostly Ricar Tasou. "After the Herd resettles in its new home will you regain what was feared lost. Now, do not worry. After all, the Force runs strong with the Herd. Be mindful of your thoughts these unsettled days, for the dark side always looms powerful. It seduces, only to betray."
      Before leaving the cave, Xander said to Ricar, "Your kids are dealing with their respective fates, as I will mine. I'm not afraid of the future, but somehow I keep getting this feeling..."
      He glanced about. No Ricar Tasou, no other Force Ghosts. He glanced back at the pool but decided not to look into it ever again. Whatever that vision meant for him, Xander decided to accept the fact the Herd will definitely relocate to a land of magic and wonder. But why did he keep feeling those disturbances, as if the big move may be met with heartache, violence, even death?

"She knows...Marbe knows...So does Kirel..."

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