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Updated January 1, 2008

     Welcome to the Guest Circle, a collection of visitor submitted fan fiction, poetry, and other written works. Linked below is what's online now. More will come as people submit their works. If you write fan fiction based on the movies/TV shows represented on this site, please refer to Guest Circle FAQ for content and submission guidelines.

Guest Circle Writings

  • Forward to Time Past, parts 1 & 2, with additional installments to come. Submitted by Samantha, a frequent visitor, this story is an unusual and delightfully imaginative mix of Hunchback of Notre Dame and Harry Potter.
  • The Minister of Justice
    A touching poem musing on the austere and very sensual Judge Frollo. Submitted by Tammie/Vixen
  • The Solitary Life
    Submitted by Andrew Benetic. Survival story about a family of velociraptors. Excellent!
  • The Decision: Part 1 and Part 2
    What if one of Judge Frollo's ladies finds herself in a crisis? What if her decision backfires? Submitted by Fraia/Kitty.
  • What Happened in a Single Night
    Originally posted on the Frollo Forum during a HoND/Frollo fanfic contest, this tale delves into what went down the night before Esmeralda's execution. What events transpire when our favorite Gypsy dancer, imprisoned in the Palais dungeons, receives a caller – the Minister of Justice himself!
    By the way, the author is unknown, and he/she has expressly let it be known that he/she wishes to remain "Anonymous".
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