CW's Guest Circle

Updated September 13, 2009
The Guest Circle is now open for visitors' submissions. If you want your fan fiction, original artwork, screencaps, or other items featured on this site, please follow these guidelines:
  1. Submit your work to my Fastmail address.
  2. All written works original fan fiction, poems, essays, articles, must be submitted under either your real name or Internet handle. However, please sign your real name on the emailed work. Anonymous works will be considered, but only if you give me express permission not to publish your name.
  3. While I accepted R-rated and NC-17 works in the past, this is now no longer the case. Webbywarehouse does not allow anything beyond PG-13. Any submitted writings and/or artwork that violates this rule will be not be featured on this site.
  4. Please affix a copyright () and date to your work.
  5. Check your grammar and spelling before submitting. Proofread for organization, sentence variety, idea development, fluency, and ease of reading. While I will correct the occasional misspelled word, subject/verb agreement, misplaced commas, etc. I cannot completely overhaul poorly written works.
  6. Want a specific color scheme? A graphic header? An image? Please let me know. It would be helpful to send this information along with your stories.

  7. In the past I welcomed written works in HTML. Now I prefer to edit those myself with Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Please send all written works in plain text only, formatting it so I know where to put line and paragraph breaks. Add your META information, too.

    Again, it would help to know your preferred color scheme, titles, any images or graphic headings you'd like to see, etc.

  8. Goes with above: No MS Word, PDF, Rich Text, or WordPerfect doc files, please!

  9. Submitting screencaps or other images? Please keep dimensions between 500x500. Many MSNTV users visit this site, and images larger than specified take longer to load and do not display well on the limited TV screen.
  10. If you want a linkback to your site or email address, let me know in advance. I will not post your site URL or email address without your permission.
  11. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You may send inquiries to the email linked under Item #1.
That should do it. I'm looking forward to seeing your writings and/or artwork soon. :-)

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