More of Who's Who in CW's Fanfic

  Those marked with an (*) asterisk are NEW (as of 1997-98, post-BTTF)


Delron Davis One of Danisha's best friends; minister and youth activist; murdered in Lead Me Gently Home by Nisha's ex-boyfriend; Guaranteed to show up (in spirit) in future stories.
Arletta Davis Del's sister; mother of Kenya & Tamara; also murdered by BC Bell
Brandon Cole Bell
Nisha's ex-boyfriend; career criminal; tried to horn in on Del's youth ministry; soon met his match in Claude Frollo; killed in 20th Century jail at hands of another inmate.
Marcel Rougelot* Medieval serial killer; wanted for several murders; latest victim was one of Nisha's medieval acquaintances; cunning and clever; able to transform mannerisms and appearance to suit situation; able to blend in with crowd
Julian McNaney* Late 20th Century spy recruited by Claude Frollo. Expert in espionage and covert operations. For reasons only known to him, Julian decided to make 1930's Chicago his homebase. Not much else is known about him. Figures heavily in Fanfic Series #2.
Eula Mae Reynolds* Danisha's great aunt; owned & operated Chicago night club in 1930s; She and Wendell Parsons were a "hot" item back in the thirties.
Wendell Parsons, Ph.D.* Joseph Wood's mentor; Nisha's former professor; eminent scholar (He holds a total of 14 degrees); aids Claude Frollo in On the Edge of Time.
Kenya White Arletta's eldest daughter; has a profound crush on Claude Frollo -- He thinks it's nonsense but indulges her fancy
Tamara White Arletta's youngest; adores Claude, but more out of curiosity
Jean-Michel du Champs Marie-Louise d'Arcy's brother; father of Solange; chief conspirator in plot to overthrown Claude as Minister of Justice (see What REALLY Happened)
Renee de Chateaupers Phoebus' cousin; sister of Jules; adopted by d'Arcy family; talented seamstress & designer
Jules de Chateaupers Phoebus' cousin; played key role in What REALLY Happened; died in end of Back to the Frollo
Malus de Chateaupers Biological child of Jean-Michel du Champs & Adele Trigere; adopted by Alphonse de Chateaupers when Alphonse married Adele; Key player in conspiracy; a 'troubled' youth; killed by Jules

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