Who Is That Character?

Ever wonder about all those characters in FrolloFreak's fanfiction? Here's a brief rundown of all major players to date.
Uh...You already know about a certain Judge and other HoND characters, but read on about the rest. Still confused? Email Crazedwriter for further clarification.


Danisha Wood 20th Century schoolteacher; Came to medieval France via time traveler; became Claude Frollo's mistress
Fern Grigsby Danisha's friend & colleague; Frollo spy; brought Nisha to 15th Century; plays a mean autoharp; southern Indiana gal all the way; she and husband hit Lotto; funded time traveler
Jacki Darcey-Terrell Former student of Fern and Nisha; invents time traveler; American descendent of Andre d'Arcy; Claude addresses her as "Jacqueline". Married to Anthony "Tony" Terrell
Anthony Terrell Co-inventor of time traveler; science and math whiz; also a talented performer -- master of impressions
Daniel "Iggy" McMullen Fern's brother; 'old hippie' type; scholar & musician; time traveler; occasional ally of Frollo; considers Phoebus and Quasimodo "my good buddies".
Joseph Wood Nisha's dad; former high school teacher & department head; Ph.D in sociology and anthropology; retired but occasionally teaches college-level courses
Geraldine Wood Nisha's mother; writer of children's stories; "Gerry" to her family and friends
Andre d'Arcy Claude's friend; Jacki's French ancestor. Chateau d'Arcy often used to stash Fern's 1959 Chevy Impala (the transtemporal vehicle)
Marie-Louise d'Arcy Andre's wife; often entertains "dear Jacqueline"; also longtime friend to Claude
Perle Darcey Jacki's great-aunt; retired teacher; family historian. In Back to the Frollo she traced the family lineage -- uncovered that Andre d'Arcy was an ancestor. 
Dwayne Grigsby Fern's husband; 'Hayseed deluxe' is what he was called during his younger days; Funny, brilliant, laid-back, folksy. Doesn't figure too strongly in fanfic. EXCEPTION -- He WAS crowned King of Fools (see that wacky FOF story). Bought winning lottery ticket that forever changed the lives of so many.
Kyle  Grigsby Fern's son -- The only child. Married to Michelle "Shelli"; teaches middle school; expert clogger & musician; often helps his mom in her many adventures; esp. helpful to His Grace.
Solange du Champs-Marchand Marie-Louise's niece; wife of Thierry Marchand; only member of d'Arcy family who knows the truth about Claude Frollo's 20th Century friends. 
Vernice Wood-Beeler 
Cherie Wood
Danisha's sisters; Vernie is married and has three children; Cherie is still looking. 
Incidentally, Cherie figures heavily in People Like Us, my last HoND tale.
Lili "Cissy" Emswiller-McMullen American historian and ethnographer; Iggy's wife; introduced in Didn't It Blow Your Mind, Claude Frollo? 
Figures heavily in Books 1 & 2 of On the Edge of Time. Travels through time with husband; gathers historical data. Ethnographical knowledge proves to be valuable to Claude Frollo

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