The Characters -- Part IV!


The following is a list original characters in the later HoND fan fictions. Any questions? Contact the site manager

These characters are in "Qui est Martine?"

Martine d'Anges AKA "Tante Florie" Street vendor who haunts la Place de Notre-Dame. She harbors a secret.
Felise LaCourbe Another mysterious woman. Everyone thinks she's sweet on Jehan Frollo, but she's covering up a secret past as well. 
Simon LaPiere One of Jehan's old schoolmates and party-hearty buddies. A shameless flirt who helps Jehan and Martine
Gilles Vinet Another of Jehan's friends. He tries to play 'matchmaker' with Felise and Jehan
Laurent d'Anges Young man from Nantes who is engaged to Sybille LaCroix
Sybille LaCroix Daughter of Vincent and Isabelle. Her marriage to Laurent seals the course of Danisha's Afro-French ancestors


These characters are in "Music Lessons" and "People Like Us"

Leigh Gaudet-Norris Danisha's therapist. Has connections with one of the 15th Century folks.
Raimon Cauant Troubador from Marseilles. Travels to Paris in search of someone...
Willie Terrell Tony's cousin who "rides shotgun" to the 15th. Meets up with Raimon with interesting results
Imbert l'Etrange Evrard Ouimet's attendant. Knows of Felise's past.
Fabrisse  A once-prosperous Parisian "working gal", if you know what I mean. Imbert's lover and partner in crime.

The characters from more recent HoND fanfics, as well as those from the Dinosaur and subsequent fan fictions will be listed in the near future.

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