Character Briefs #4

As service to my readers, here is a rundown of all LATEST original characters as seen in the 2nd fanfiction series "Beyond the Palais".

Isabelle LaCroix nee Binata Diop; Danisha's Afro-French ancestor; daughter of Guillaume Sarrisin; has two children (son Bernard murdered in "Edge of Time"), daughter Sybille is engaged
Guillaume Sarrisin née Jawara Diop; Crown Prince of his village in Senegal; won his and Isabelle's freedom years ago
Vincent LaCroix Isabelle's husband; one of the most prosperous spice merchants in all France
Phillipe Ouimet Claude Frollo's second-in-command and handpicked successor as Minister of Justice
Evrard Ouimet Phillipe's half-brother; wealthy and refined; true Renaissance man; entrepreneur; son of Serena Morandi (née Sarama Dhao), François Ouimet's second wife.
Orry Ouimet Evrard's seven-year old son; curious and likable child
Johnny Elmore One of Claude's spies in "On the Edge of Time"; figures heavily in the sequel "Secrets, Lies, and Stolen Time"
Anseau and Clarice Flambert Clarice is Evrard's maternal cousin; Anseau is her husband and another successful businessman
Dorothy Ducharme Visitor accidentally transported from 1962 Detroit to 15th Century Paris; friend of Johnny Elmore; aspires to be a Motown star despite her age; fancies herself a "Negro Jackie Kennedy",among other things
(OK, once you finish reading "Secrets, Lies...", you'll figure out Dottie)

A FOURTH PAGE OF CHARACTERS ~ A fifth is coming soon.

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