they's magical, don'cha see?

     Introducing a fun fan fiction, and another crossover. This story won't be very long – 6 to 8 parts tops.

     The story, "They's Magical, Don'cha See?" blends elements of GUNSMOKE and HARRY POTTER into an highly imaginative and hilarious tale of magic, con-men, long-lost relatives, and Wild West hijinks.

     The action opens when Harry receives a package from Dumbledore. Something to fill in Harry's summer vacation – and staying with the Dursleys is anything but. In that package contains letters and a diary which once belonged to James Potter's great-uncle who travelled to America in search of a dear friend. That search ends in Dodge City where a young man named Billy and a charlatan "magician" names Phineas commands Uncle Silas Potter's attention.

     I won't give too much away other than:
  • The present day scenario is between Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets.
  • All Gunsmoke characters are well-represented: Kitty, Matt Dillon, Festus, Doc, Newly, Burke, Sam, Louie, etc.
  • A hard life on the frontier leads to tough choices and consequences for Uncle Silas' childhood friend.
  • The death of a parent forces my young hero on the road, ultimately finding a home in Dodge City.
  • An impending robbery?
  • Festus and Doc get into their usual arguments over "magic vs. rational thought."
  • Louie, the town drunk, plays a major role in making things right
  • Silas solves the mystery of a missing parent.
That's all I'll reveal. The story begins now. Please go the First installment. All subsequent installments are linked from my 2007 Fanfiction collection. Check the CWFR Site News for updates and additions. Also, check out the Scoops & Spoilers for sneak peeks as the story progresses.

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