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Updated March 4, 2012

Want the lowdown on what's ahead in the stories? Look no further. I provide just a peek at future events in all current, ongoing fan fiction. Enough to whet the curiosity but not too much to give away entire plots!

Jedi in OZ

Scoops for the first half of Book II of the mega-crossover
  • Two long-lost siblings meet.
  • The Old One's first impressions of the Jedi lead to unsettling visions of a possible future life.
  • A partner in crime grows impatient.
  • Luke Skywalker searches deep (literally!) for clues on the woman he thought defeated.
  • Said villainess has extremely serious Mommy and Daddy issues. Is she really his daughter? Is it true Mom is connected to one of the Force Masters in Oz? Well, yes on one count, no on the other.
  • Let's play a game called "Who's the Baby Daddy (and Mama)?"
  • Glinda the Good receives an interesting letter and learns the bitter, and disturbing, truth about the Evil One.
  • A magical lady sends a Force Master a slightly different correspondence.
  • A timely arrival -- and an unwelcome pest -- to the Great Valley.
  • Grandpa Longneck pieces together the puzzle.
  • Dorothy gets a shocking eyeful!
  • One of the Great Valley kids gets an eyeful, too, and a threatening warning.
  • Ozma secretly recruits an Emerald City local for a special mission.
  • The housemaid Mary gets a big blast make that two blasts from her past. "They want me to go where, and contact her? Why?"

They's Magical, Don'cha See?

This Gunsmoke/Harry Potter crossover is just beginning. The story is on hiatus until further notice, therefore no scoops are provided.

Swept Away (working title)

This is a new short story that will provide creative encouragement. I'm providing no particulars, just a few tidbits to whet the curiosity.
  • A valuable item makes its way home.
  • Too late! Swept away!
  • Hmmm...This one looks like us but not like us.
  • Oh my, she looks and sounds just like__. Could it be?
  • Will she stay or go home?


A sequel to JEDI IN OZ whenever that saga finishes! Still a mega-crossover, still using the same media sources, but with one more addition. I provide no particulars other than:
  • A Jedi in Oz has a connection with someone in a galaxy far, far away. So does a witch and a Force Master.
  • Seems laughter and good music is all one needs.

That's all I have for now. See, just enough information to get the curiosity going. As the stories progress, this Scoops page will update with new "almost spoilers."

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