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8 April 2014

BIG FYI: Due to the site's former host's demise, Crazedwriter's Fan Fiction Archives is temporarily housed here at Tripod. PLEASE UPDATE BOOKMARKS! This summer the site will be moved permanently to Domania. The move would have been sooner but health and family issues come first. Thanks for your patience!

Until the permanent move is completed, new content will still be in production but not be added. I'm waiting for my eye medication to kick in so I can see the monitor more clearly. I also have to limit my computer time as not to over-strain my already blurry vision.

Latest Announcements:

All My Fanfiction Yahoogroup email list will cease as of this weekend. Yahoo Groups is such a pain to manage and too many members' email addresses are bouncing and/or non-existing. Subscribers have two alternatives: Migrate to the Messagebot list (sign up link on Crazedwriter's World home page) or just consult the bulletin board. The former needs no profile or login, just a valid email address. The board is open to all but users must register if they wish to post.

Good News! Chapters 4 and 5 of the mega-crossover JEDI IN OZ are online now. Also ready are Parts 1 and 2 of the new novelette "Swept Away". More to come very soon!

Ongoing Items

  • My General Updates Board is back. It still has more than 1300 banner impressions left; that means the board is ad-free. This goes with all my sites. I welcome visitor/reader comments but registration with Boards2Go is required.
  • There is no more guestbook. Instead, please contact me via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Links at the bottom of this page.
  • Check out my managed webrings. If you have a site that fits any of my rings' themes, please consider joining. If not, visit the ring member sites -- There are many. The ringmaster and members will thank you!
  • All email should be sent to my Fastmail email address. My old Yahoo email account is still around, but I'm not using it. Mail can still be sent to Yahoo but "reply to" is redirected to the Fastmail account. All senders will receive swift replies.

That's it for now. As always, I thank you for your support and many visits. Happy Reading!

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