What is TimeScape?

All right, now that you've read most -- or all -- of FrolloFreak's wild-n-crazy fanfic, now you'll learn a bit about the cool TimeScape, that wonderful device that allows Frollo and his friends to travel through time. It even serves as a communicator across the debris of time and space.

TimeScape was invented by Jacki and Tony Terrell. Jacki and Tony, both science and math geniuses, wanted to trace their respective family trees. The funding for this secret project came from Fern Grigsby, who later became a Frollo spy. She and her husband hit $73 million in the lottery, so naturally they shared the wealth. Now how were they to know that this fabulous invention would lead to such fabulous adventures and lifelong friendships?

The original TimeScape was installed on automobiles, a la Back to the Future, as it still is on Fern and Nisha's cars. But they needed something else -- a way to communicate and travel WITHOUT the cars. Besides, there are NO cars where Claude Frollo comes from!

The handheld devices were, at first, similar to those early personal organizers -- The kind with flip-top lid, QWERTY keyboard, black message screen, and buttons. The red button activates the time travel mode. The green one is for the tracking mode. The blue one activates the message mode. But when Jacki got wind of Claude Frollo's exasperations over the QWERTY keys, she redesigned the whole handheld "pager-time traveler" with the 15th Century folks in mind.

The TimeScape you read about in the later fanfiction resembles the snazzy Palm Pilots but with a flip-top lid. All one has to do is pen the message with a specially equipped stylus, key in the recipient's PIN, then press that blue button. Voila! The message is sent in record time.

Claude Frollo especially loves the redesign since he really hated the old QWERTY keys -- and the constant "hunt and peck" every time he wanted to send a message. He and Danisha have matching devices -- The housing is of the finest sterling silver and trimmed with amethysts. The others look like regular Palm Pilots -- No one has yet to question "What's that thing?"
And all the handhelds have their own leather carrying case -- it looks like any other PDA, so no one's the wiser whenever the postmodern friends pen a message to the 15th Century buddies.

Oh yes...One still has to hide in a darkened alley, corridor, parking garage, etc. when taking off for whatever time era. Can't have people wondering, "What's that bright white light....?"
And no one, other than that select group of time travelers, knows of this device. Several times, however, the secret has come thisclose to being exposed. Thank goodness for timely (no pun intended) cover-ups; our transtemporalists' secret is still safe -- For now.

So there you have it: The lowdown on the TimeScape and its impact upon one 15th Century French magistrate and a postmodern American woman.

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