I dreamed this years ago but wrote it down soon upon awakening. I never included it in my Frollo dream book because it was so disturbing. I never had a Frollocentric dream like this one. Most of my dreams are sweet, funny, or steamy.

Anyway, I dreamt Claude and I were in a grand hotel, much like the Plaza or Waldorf-Astoria. We were there with my family celebrating something; I don't remember particular details.

Claude and I had a lovely time, being with family and friends. We were all dressed up in our finest. I wore a smart black suit and Claude was dressed in a contemporary three-piece black suit. He looked so delicious. ;-)

Somehow, when I returned from the ladies' room, I couldn't find Claude. I swore he was still up in the hotel lobby. I asked all over, giving a complete description, but no one could give me a straight answer. They said they saw him getting on an elevator. Thinking he had rented a suite for the night (sounds like he wanted to spend the night with me, in luxurious surroundings). So I took the elevator to every floor, searching for Claude. I couldn't find him anywhere.

Then it got weird. Phoebus appeared and told me that he saw Claude Frollo going into a room with another woman, but this woman wasn't one of Claude's many lovers. This woman, according to Phoebus, meant to do Claude harm.

I went to the room where Phoebus said the woman took Claude. When I entered the room, there was an evil looking woman dressed in black. She had black hair, dark eyes, pale skin. She looked almost like Maleficent, but without the flowing robes and horns.

When I asked her about Claude, she waved her hand and he appeared.

This was a shock! Because Claude Frollo looked like himself but not like himself. He had this wild look in his eyes, as if he had been drugged or hypnotized. I guessed the latter but soon realized that this woman had put a spell on him. He didn't recognize me and proceeded to do the woman's bidding. Apparently she wanted to kill me, but have Claude Frollo do the killing! She laughed and said that Claude had forgotten all about me. He belongs to her now and I was no longer wanted. She considered me a threat and wanted me out of the picture –– Permanantly!

I tried to talk to Claude, reason with him. I tried to tell him about meeting me, all the good times we had. I tried to jolt his memory, get him to come out of this spell. I think he started to come around but that glazed expression never left him. It was if the old Claude Frollo never existed. The sorceress had him completely under her control.

Then the scene dissolved with me and Phoebus the hotel parking lot. I rejoined my family, and my mother asked where was Claude. I had to tell her that Claude had other plans and couldn't stay. I cried because I knew Claude was gone forever.

Then I woke up. I never had a Frollo dream like that again, and I hope I never will.

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