Frollo Dream #8

This latest dream came Thursday night, May 6, 1999. It was actually a very sweet dream in that it focused on domestic tranquility. I think I used that line in one of my stories (uttered by Claude).

Anyway, Claude and I were visiting family and I volunteered to prepare dinner. I fixed this light lasagne, a salad, cake and peaches. Claude brought the bread and immediately instructed me how to warm it.
"Don't use that awful microwave oven -- It ruins good bread!", were his orders. Then my father and uncle chimed in, "You better not stick that in the microwave. It'll get all rubbery and nasty."

Needless to say we all had a wonderful family style supper and I think His Grace actually had a good time. He needs to let go of all that tension. Good food and company usually do it. :)

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