Dream #7

Last night I had a really interesting Frollo dream. Let me say right now that I had been reading some of my fanfic before turning out the lights. Yes, I usually read before bedtime and I thought it would be cool to re-read some of my stories. (I print out all my stuff)

Anyway, this dream lasted about an hour (Lights out at 11:30, asleep in 10 minutes, then awake at 1:00 A.M.). I dreamt I was back in the 15th Century, and I had NEVER met Claude Frollo. This seemed odd because in my fanfic I met Claude in the Palace of Justice, at his invitation.

The dream opened with me as an odd blend of myself and my fan fiction alter ego, Danisha. I was dressed in not the clothing of the late Middle Ages, but in the styles of the American frontier. I had on a calico dress, a white linen head wrap (I looked like Belle from "Roots"), and I carried a basket of flowers.

I walked through the streets of Paris not knowing where I was going; no one seemed to mind my presence. When I reached the end of the block, a man on horseback rounded the corner. What few people that were out on the streets began to scatter as the man approached. Who was this man? None other than Claude Frollo himself.

He stopped then began to speak to me in the most polite manner. I can't remember what we talked about but I do remember underscoring my responses with "Yes, sir", and "No, sir".  His Grace complimented me on my courteousness, "So unlike Esmeralda."

Then he invited me to the Palais for dinner.

Then the dream dissolved to Claude's private chambers, and the 'dinner' he had prepared for me. Did I say dinner? This was a feast! All laid out on a long table was the most wonderful goodies -- All kinds of salads, meats, desserts, breads, veggies, et. al. I couldn't believe it!

I helped myself to everything although Claude didn't eat a thing. He just sat back and watched me eat with such relish. Then the weird part happened: He showed me an "Unusual treat his private chef had as something Thai -- Noodles, peanuts, and LOTS of red hot chili peppers. Claude said he seldom indulged in these fiery little peppers, but we both ate Thai chicken and noodles. I actually felt the heat going down my throat.

Then he asked me if I wanted dessert -- I could choose from chocolate cream pie, enormous cream-filled eclairs, pumpkin pie smothered with whipped cream, or chocolate ice cream. I said I was getting full but when I get my 'second wind' I wouldn't mind indulging my sweet tooth. Claude said that was fine, as long as he keeps me satisfied.

Oh yeah, we talked about stuff but I can't remember what. :-)

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