FrolloCentric Dream #5

It Inspired Another Fanfic!

July 20, 1998

This was actually a series of disjointed Frollo dreams, but I think this one could evolve into another fab piece of fanfiction.

I dreamt that Claude and I made a time trip but we ended up in 1860's England! Somehow, this was a break for Claude as he was tracking down a criminal who had escaped through time portals.
I remembered us walking country roads, finally stopping to rest at a boarding house. This place was so beautiful! It was quintessentially early Victorian with all the fancy furniture, drapery, as well as those gorgeous lamps and mirrors. Claude really liked the house.

Anyway, we managed to convince the lady of the house that we were time travelers. She did question Claude's 15th Century garb, and mine a flowing black dress so unlike the hoopskirts of the period.

It was toward the end of this sequence that Claude said that he was looking for a criminal that may ha escape through time portals. This man is VERY dangerous.

I know what you're thinking: "Uh-oh! FrolloFreak's got another blast of creativity!"

And you know what? This turned out to be another writing project! Only the takes place America. I call it:

On the Edge of Time

Anyway, the remainder of the dream had Claude visiting me in my home. I was catching up on work and Claude was kind enough to bring me coffee and cake. (This was strange!) He stayed and kept me company for most of the day.

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