FrolloCentric Dream #4

May 21, 1998

I dreamt that I, in the guise of Danisha (FSM #14's alter ego), decided to pay Claude a surprise visit to medieval Paris. I dressed up in my new purple wool pantsuit, brand new boots, and that black mink cloak Claude gave me that first Christmas.
Somehow, when I pressed that pager button, I landed on the opposite end of Paris. It was winter; it was windy, cold, and snowing very heavily. I was scared because I'd never been in this part of Paris before.
It was also well after dark; obviously, nearly everyone was inside. No way would people be out on a night like this.

I ducked inside an old abandoned house (I don't remember how I got in!). I got out my flashlight and then lit a cigarette (!) Please remember that Nisha has recently quit smoking and she still fights 'nicotine fits' every now and then.
Anyway, I called up Claude on the pager and told him I was lost. He responded and told me to stay put; he'll be on his way.

I couldn't wait any longer so I started walking. It got really windy and it snowed even harder. I slipped on the ice and fell a couple of times - I think I tore my new pantsuit.
Anyway, I reached Notre Dame and sat down on the steps. I hadn't the energy to bang on the door. I was tired and extremely cold.

Claude appeared before me. He was astride Snowball, and was dressed in that same outfit he wore in the beginning of the film. He was very patient and loving when he took me to the P of J. He said he knew I wouldn't stay put, and he knew I would eventually find my way to the Place de Notre-Dame.

Now here's the strange part. Once we're back at the Palais, Claude orders a hot bath for me. But one of the new servants objects to waiting on a Black person and Claude really lays into this person. I couldn't remember what was said; all I can recall is this person not wanting to touch me because I'm Black. Then Claude really chews this person out.

Anyway, the last details I recall are these:
I'm in a bathtub filled with hot water and Claude gently scrubs my back while I sing old R & B to him. And no, he wasn't in the tub with me! He had his clothes on.
I think I sang Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You", because that's what was playing on the radio -- I left my CD player on all night.
Then I remember wearing a heavy satin nightshirt - I think it was pink - and Claude had a hot toddy waiting for me. Then I woke up - The CD player was still going!

I know...I have weird dreams!

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