Another Frollo Dream!

(I neglected to note the date!)

I had another Frollo dream last night --- a very strange, and, funny, dream.
I dreamt I was attending a performance at a local high school. Now, this school was closed several years ago -- It is now a middle school!
I walked into the auditorium. It looked just as it did years ago, before the remodeling. This place still had the old wooden fold-down seats, but the stage looked very modern. There was even a new curtain! :-)

The place was PACKED! I wandered down towards the front -- some of those seats were reserved for VIPs only.
OK, I approach the third row, and, sitting in a prominent spot was Judge Claude Frollo!

He was wearing full judicial regalia: the robe, hat, shoes, the whole bit. He smiled pleasantly at me and said, "It's about time you showed up! It's nearly curtain time."
I sat next to him; his hand tenderly caressed my thigh. "Not now, baby!", I whispered. Claude laughed as the show began.

Now here is the really weird part.

The emcee looked a lot like Gary Coleman. He introduced a short film as "part of our first act." This film was a montage of old Looney Tunes, Disney toons, Little Rascals, and, get this, Ma & Pa Kettle movies!

Claude and I were cracking up over Pa Kettle -- "The name's Pa."

That was the end of my dream. I have strange ones, I know.

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