What REALLY Happened

Part 6

The following account is based on Ms, Nisha and Claude's recollections. The second part is based on Jules de Chateaupers' deathbed confession, as dictated to Jehan Frollo. (see Back to the Frollo--chapters 18 thru 20)

"The whole of Paris must at Notre Dame", commented Jehan Frollo as we neared the cathedral. We could hear the clamor of swords, the swell of raised voices coming from the square.
Claude Frollo, clad head to toe in black, wrapped his cloak around himself, keeping his face concealed since he didn't want to be recognized--yet. Celie led us to the Place de Notre-Dame, and sure enough, bedlam had erupted!

From a safe distance, just short of the square, we witnessed soldiers, citizens, and gypsies locked in a battle to the death.
"But where is Quasi?", I asked. Celie and Jehan pointed to the blurry figure atop the cathedral. "There he is", said Jehan. "What is he doing?"

The moment Jehan spoke, Notre Dame began to spit fire. I gasped, "Whoa! What in the H**l is Quasi doing?"
Claude's eyes were riveted to the liquid flames pouring from Notre Dame, saying, "Molten lead. He keeps a vat---To repair the bells." Then he smiled. "I see our dear Quasimodo has things in hand." He then turned to me, saying, "When this battle is over, I intend to confront my rival, and those conspiring villains..."
At that moment, we spotted a tall figure racing towards our direction. Instantly, Claude beckoned us to a darkened alley. There we hid, all four of us, as the young man sped past us.
The man stopped at the end of the alley; he sat down, out of breath. Claude studied this man, then his eyes widened in shock and anger. He then turned to Jehan and said, "Jehan, I want you to take Cecile back to the Chateau d'Arcy---Now!"
Jehan whispered small protests, but Claude was very firm. "Jehan, I'm asking...No...I'm ordering you to take this girl back to the d'Arcy estate." Then Claude asked me, "Darling, will our...devices...work in...?"
I replied at once, for I knew exactly what Claude was talking about.
"...You mean if these...", I pulled out my pager, then continued, "will work here...and now? Why not? Jehan's used it before."
Claude still had his eyes on the man as Jehan and Cecile quietly slipped out of the alley. "I hope they'll be safe", he said. "Now, Danisha," added Claude, "let us leave this place."
"But Claude", I said, still somewhat worried, "what about Quasi? Aren't we going to help him?" Claude sweetly kissed my cheek, saying, "Quasimodo can take care of himself -- at least, I hope so."

We headed for another, more secluded spot. Can't draw attention to ourselves...But, then again, seems everyone's attention is focused on what's happening at Notre Dame. I looked back on more time, only to see molten lead cascade in sheets from the cathedral. It's looks like the Final Battle...fire and brimstone erupting from a church..

"Come, my love", Claude said as he tugged my arm, "we have no time to lose. It's not safe to stay here."
With my pager in hand, and Claude armed with his, we synchronized our coordinates. We surely can't have one end up in the 20th Century and the other in some odd year...like 1849...

Just before we depressed our respective red buttons, that man we spotted earlier saw us, and immediately called out to us.
"You! I would have known!"
The voice was vaguely familiar as Claude and I wheeled around to face this person. Malus!

Malus, his dagger drawn, briskly approached us. His voice was harsh and full of menace. "I would have known YOU would help your lover escape! "
He lunged at Claude, but Claude reacted just in time, knocking Malus to the ground.

"Come on, Claude!", I urged, "we have get out of here! Don't wait 'til he comes to..."
Standing in the middle of that alley, we depressed the red buttons on our pagers; instantly, we were engulfed by a bright white light...


Malus groggily got to his feet. W-What's going on? Where's Frollo...and that woman? Gone! I have to tell...

Malus raced up the street towards the Place de Notre-Dame. The raging battle between 'Frollo's' men and the people of Paris had momentarily stopped, as all eyes were fixed on the three figures dangling from the cathedral.
Malus couldn't believe his eyes, but there they were: Esmeralda holding onto Quasimodo, Quasi trying desperately to save his 'master's' life, and 'Frollo', sword in hand, finally swinging himself upon a gargoyle.
He's going to do it...he's actually going to kill them both...please, don't let him do this...please...it's not worth it....Father...NO!

'Frollo' plunged to his death; his plans to ruin the real Claude Frollo, then take over the Ministry of Justice, were foiled the moment that gargoyle snapped beneath him.

Malus couldn't believe what he'd witnessed. A tear trickled down his cheek; he turned to leave this mad scene, when someone tapped him on the shoulder. "Malus de Chateaupers", said the familiar-sounding voice. It was Clopin, the self-proclaimed king of the gypsies, and Clopin was not pleased to see Malus. For last night, he and Malus had words; Clopin somehow discovered the sham Frollo's plan to sell out Clopin and the gypsies.

Malus turned to face Clopin, then Clopin said, "I hope you plan on leaving Paris, and as soon as possible. Seems that your dear departed Papa won't be the new Minister of Justice after all."
"All right!", Malus shot back, "he had it all planned! He was going to kill all of you! Esmeralda, you, Phoebus, Quasimodo..."
Clopin laughed as Phoebus and Esmeralda emerged from the cathedral. He then said to Malus, "If you're smart, you'll leave town---Now! Or else", Clopin's voice took on his trademark sarcastic edge, "dear Phoebus will learn all about your little plot to destroy his friends. And this time, Papa's not around to save you!"
Clopin then added that, at least in gypsy circles, "you are a marked man, Malus. If I were you, I'd watch my back."

Clopin then left Malus as Quasimodo ventured outside Notre Dame. Watching Clopin and the crowd cheer Quasi as a hero, Malus felt extremely alone, more like 'outside looking in'.
It's all gone...my father...my future...Why did I do this...I've thrown it away...Mama was right all along...my father was nothing more than...

Malus de Chateaupers then headed for the city gates. He walked for what seemed like hours. Is this the right road? I've got to get to that chateau to where Minister Frollo took Jules and Renee...maybe Madame or Monsieur d'Arcy could lend me some money. I've got to get out of Paris...out of France...

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