What REALLY Happened

Part 7

This installment is based on Jules de Chateaupers' confession, as dictated to Jehan Frollo. (see Chapters 18 thru 20 of Back to the Frollo) The second part is based upon Ms. Danisha's and Claude's recollection.

It was nearly nightfall. Malus de Chateaupers collapsed in an old barn not far from Chateau d'Arcy. Wonder if this is their place? Where is Jules? I thought he worked in the stables...Doesn't matter...I'm tired...and hungry. I wonder if Clopin sent his boys after me...they'll discover Frollo's escaped...then what?
Malus then broke down in tears. Now I wish Mama never told me...about HIM!...being my real father...Frollo's rival...MY Father! I've made such a mess of my life...beat my sister...I love Renee...and Jules...he's headed down the same road as I did....
Exhausted from his long walk, Malus nestled in a deep haystack, and soon fell asleep.


It must be close to midnight...How long have I slept? I'm hungry...wonder if I can get some food...maybe some nice farmer's wife can cook supper for me...
Malus walked up the main road, pulling his thin cloak around himself. It was turnng colder, and Malus knew he had to find food and shelter soon. Might as well have stayed in Paris...let Clopin's boys slit my throat...a lot better than starving...or freezing to death... Isn't that the chateau? That's where Renee's staying!

Malus walked up to the front door and knocked. No response. Must be all asleep...Of course, it is after midnight...Maybe I can wait here till morning...but I'm so cold...and hungry...
Malus, his body shivering from the frigid air, ran around to the rear of the chateau. There he spotted a slightly-opened window. What's this? They left a window open...but why? It's far too cold for that...Oh well, might as well try to squeeze...Oof!..inside...

With much effort, Malus managed to wedge through the window. He was inside! But where to next? Got to find Renee and Jules...maybe get something to eat...Damn it's dark in here...Please don't make noise...don't want to wake everyone...
Taking great pains not to awaken the entire household, Malus felt his way through the darkened corridors. He came upon a door leading to what he thought was the kitchen. With a sigh of relief, that's exactly what he found: a kitchen, it's hearth contained a still-glowing fire. Malus found a loaf of day-old bread and a half-empty bottle of fine old Burgundy. Ah! Food...at last!
Malus sat before the fireplace, stirred the embers until the fire blazed anew, then began eating. Nice to get warm...and some food. I could sleep here...but the cook will catch me in the morning...Maybe I could find Renee or Jules...bunk with them for the night...

Then Malus realized that his siblings may not want anything to do with him. After all, I beat them, neglected them, when I should've been taking care of them. But I was so young...only sixteen. Now I wish I had listened to Minister Frollo when Mama and Papa died. "Take care of the little ones", he told me. He raised his brother...I could've done the same...but no! I had to run the streets...search for my real father, only to find out...
Is there such thing as 'bad seed'? Am I doomed to be just like my father? I got so caught up is his lies...I couldn't see that he was planning to sell out Clopin, and everyone else...

Malus felt tears fall from his eyes; the taste of salty tears mixed with the fruitiness of the wine. Have to leave France once and for all...never come back...Maybe the d'Arcy's have some valuables...I could sell them...have money to travel...What am I saying? Stealing from a family who took in my brother and sister? Oh, what does it matter!

Malus picked up a candle, lit it, and made his way out of the kitchen. He wandered up and down hallways, searching for small valuables.
He then stumbled upon the grand drawing-room; he entered. Malus set the candle on a nearby table, then began pocketing small items: a porcelain box, a sterling silver letter opener, a few gold coins that M. d'Arcy had left near his favorite chair. This should be enough...the price they'll fetch should be just enough to pay my fare...and start a new life...

Just then, someone had entered the room; it was a young woman. Malus hid in the shadows of the room, hoping to make a quick, and quiet, getaway. Oh no! What if I'm spotted? She'll tell for sure...then I'm really doomed...stay quiet...like a mouse...
The woman, upon espying the lit candle, trembled with slight fear. "W-Who's there?", she fearfully asked. Malus, still concealed within the dark shadows, held his breath. I hope she doesn't start screaming...wake every one... The woman quickly left the room.

Thank goodness...now I can make my getaway...quiet...don't draw attention to yourself..

Malus quickly and quietly made his way towards the window where he had let himself in. Suddenly, he heard a scream. He wheeled around and saw the same woman, only this time, she was accompanied by an elderly gentleman.
"You see, Uncle? I told you someone was in this house!", said the woman with certainty.
"Show yourself!", commanded Andre d'Arcy.

Malus, not thinking of the consequences, rushed past them and sped out ot the room. He was now running through the grand hall, not seeing if he was being followed.
Malus finally made it to the front door; he was actually undoing the latch when, without warning, he felt a crushing blow from behind. Malus, in a daze, tried to keep from falling; he still fumbled for the latch when he felt a second blow to the back of his head. He fell instantly, spilling the stolen goods onto the floor.

Malus de Chateaupers, his head gushing blood, lied motionless, never to arise again.


Claude Frollo stood at the kitchen window, and stared out at my snow-covered backyard. "Are all your winters so brutally cold?", he asked. He seemed despondent ever since we were safely transported to the 20th Century.

"Claude, honey, are you OK?", I asked; Iáwas truly worried about him. I knew he hadn't eaten in several days, so Iátreated him to a Chinese feast, courtesy of the local Northside delivery service. Even though Claude had come to love Cantonese cuisine, he picked at his food, and said very little to me ever since we arrived. And Iáthought he'd sleep a bit, knowing that he hadn't slept in a nice, warm bed. Claude never managed even a brief nap; his eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep.

His mind was still on Quasimodo and Phoebus. "I'm sorry, my love", he finally said, as he sat down and poured himself a cup of tea, "but I'm still worried, especially now that I know the truth."
"The truth?", I asked.
Claude sipped his tea, sighed, then said, "My dear, Malus...that man posing as me...Oh, my darling, how I hate to tell you this, but..."

He swallowed hard, then held my hand and finally admitted, "That man, that imposter...Danisha, he was one of my most bitter rivals."
Claude took a deep breath, then flatly said, "He's...He's Malus' father."

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