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Please copy and paste this coding in fanfic1 page after all chapters have been edited. <!---begin copy here---> Read <A HREF="LMGHSYNOP.HTML">this</A> for a thumbnail sketch of the story. Enjoy!<BR> <A HREF="Leadme1.html">Chapter One</A> / <A HREF="Leadme2.html">Chapter Two</A> / <A HREF="leadme3.html">Chapter Three</A> / <A HREF="leadme4.html">Chapter Four</A> / <A HREF="Leadme5.html">Chapter Five</A> / <A HREF="Leadme6.html">Chapter Six</A> / <A HREF="leadme7.html">Chapter Seven</A> / <A HREF="leadme8a.html">Chapter Eight (I)</A> / <A HREF="leadme8b.html">Chapter Eight (II)</A> / <A HREF="leadme9.html">Chapter Nine</A> / <A HREF="leadme10.html">Chapter Ten</A> / <a href="leadme11.html">Chapter Eleven</a> / <a href="leadme12.html">Chapter Twelve</a> /<a href="leadme13.html">Chapter Thirteen</a> /<a href="leadme14.html">Chapter Fourteen</a> / <a href="leadme15.html">Chapter Fifteen</a> / <a href="leadme16.html">Chapter Sixteen</a> / <a href="leadme17a.html">Chapter Seventeen (I)</a> / <a href="leadme17b.html">Chapter Seventeen (II)</a> / <a href="leadme18.html">Chapter Eighteen</a> / <a href="leadme19a.html">Chapter Nineteen (I)</a> / <a href="leadme19b.html">Chapter Nineteen (II)</a> / <a href="leadme20a.html">Chapter Twenty (I)</a> / <a href="leadme20b.html">Chapter Twenty (II)</a> / <a href="leadme21.html">Chapter Twenty One</a> / <a href="leadme22.html">Chapter Twenty Two</a> / <a href="leadme23.html">Conclusion</a><P> <!--end copy here-->