Lead Me Gently Home ~ Brief Synopsis

Here is a brief overview of FrolloFreak's much-acclaimed HoND/Frollo fanfiction, LEAD ME GENTLY HOME:

The title is taken from an old hymn, Lead Me Gently Home, Father. In a way, the words fit the mood of this story.

The story spans both time periods 末 15th Century France, and 20th Century America. Most of the action takes place in FrolloFreak's fan fiction alter ego's (Danisha) hometown. A lot of research went into this story to make everything as realistic as possible. It's a good excuse to show off the hometown!

Of course, the central characters, Claude Frollo and his Brown Sugar Dream Girl, are the star players. Also, several characters from BACK TO THE FROLLO, and What REALLY Happened will be well-represented. These characters will play crucial roles in the development of the plot. And there will be *guest stars* 末 Local celebs actually. These people are real! And I know them! They'll be sprinkled throughout the story.

Ah...Secrecy...Betrayal...Mistrust...Near-fatal illness...
The stuff that makes for intriguing story-telling. Claude and his 1990's lady are headed for a break-up as someone from Danisha's past re-enters her life. And to top things off, she's not well. Seems she'd rather play the strong woman, who can handle anything life throws at her, than confide in her family and friends.
And that's another thing 末 Danisha has yet to tell her family about the man she loves 末 Why? Seems she's too worried about pleasing her parents, and about their reaction if they find out he's white and more than 500 years her senior, rather than face the fact that Claude Frollo is a "sure thing" 末 the very man who actually loves her, and would do anything for her.

Seems His Grace is also struggling with deep-seated secrets 末 something about his own feelings for Danisha. Are they genuine? Is it just a passing fling? Poor Claude is beside himself with all these questions 末 and more. He's also battling other demons, that he's willing to share with his beloved Nisha.
Yet, she, herself in desperate straits, chooses not to confide in Claude 末 a man she completely trusts and respects.

Too many...A shattered friendship...A double murder...A near-tragedy...Horrible truths revealed...And Claude Frollo finally meets the formidable Joseph Wood, Danisha's father.
Now...what could two control freaks possibly have to say to each other...
Should be an interesting conversation, for both have Danisha's welfare at heart.

The cost of secrecy...mistrust in a relationship...phoniness wrapped up in The Word...Lost faith...Regained faith...the stark realities of domestic violence...The sacrifices one must make in the name of love...And family.

Can't reveal much else, lest the whole story's given away!
All installments are ready for reading and may be accessed through the Fanfic Collection #1, or, if you can't wait 末 READ IT NOW