The Feast of Fools ~ "FrolloFreak's Style"

Part two
"Wow! Look at the people! I don't think I've seen so many folks gathered for one event––Except maybe the State Fair."

My senses took in everything: the colorful costumes, confetti, street musicians, poets, jugglers, and, of course, that wacky parade! I've never experienced anything like the Feast of Fools. And this was one Festival that Parisians would never forget. "Why?" you asked.

Several of our Parisian friends got together with Fern, Jacki, and myself. We wanted this year's festival to be truly entertaining, nothing like that fiasco a couple of years ago. I remember all too well, and so does Claude, how that turned out.

Now stop that! This is supposed to be a fun day! Where's Jacki? Where's Tony? Where's Quasi?
Claude and I sat in a regally-hued tent near the Royal Family's tent; we had a marvelous view of the stage. I then turned to Claude and asked, "Where's Quasimodo? I'd thought he'd be here."
Claude sighed, then replied, "My love, I'm sure Quasimodo is somewhere in this sea of..." He paused, looked at me, then said, "My dearest, if ever I should have listened to you, it was that year." I knew Claude was referring to what happened to Quasi during that particular festival. The crowd tormenting poor Quas, Esmeralda giving My Man sass, and then the whole nightmare began...
"I don't want to think about that, honey", I told Claude, kissing his cheek and caressing his hands. "I intend for us to have a little fun, even if this medieval 'throw-down' really isn't my thing." Claude looked at me in puzzlement. "Darling, if I heard you right, you were just raving on and on...", he laughingly said. "I know what I said", I replied teasingly, "and I'll say it again. The Feast of Fools is a lot of fun, but it lacks that certain..."
"...It lacks that certain 'soul' touch", came a voice from the side. I wheeled around in my chair, only to be greeted by Jacki, and someone else. Tony! He made it after all!
"Jacqueline! What a pleasant surprise!", Claude greeted warmly. Jacki then introduced her friend. "Minister Frollo, I'd like you to meet Anthony Terrell, my fiance."
"Your WHAT?", asked Claude Frollo, eyes wide with pleasant shock. Jacki then waved her left hand, and displayed a small, yet elegant, diamond engagement ring.
"Oh, Jacqueline", Claude said with approval upon examining the ring, "it's lovely." Then Jacki explained that Tony had just proposed to her a few days ago. Then Tony added, "We knew it would all come to this eventually."

And just who is Tony Terrell? He and Jacki had been best friends ever since grade school. He was a science whiz, just like Jacki. But Tony had other talents––He was an accomplished musician and comedian. Tony would have us all 'on the floor' with his dead-on impressions of Bill Cosby and Redd Foxx. And Tony could belt out a song, too. I always said that Tony could become the next Sammy Davis, Jr.

While Claude and Tony conversed, I took Jacki aside and asked her, "Is everything on schedule? What about Quasi? Does he have his bit down?" Jacki reassured me, "Don't worry. Everything's cool."
I hope everything works out...I'm getting a little nervous...

At last! The entertainment had started. I settled myself next to Claude, then watched a series of performers: actors, poets, jugglers. It took much effort on my part to keep my nervousness from showing.
After this round, it's OUR turn...I hope the music machine works...Jacki said it would...what about Quasi's little routine?...and where's his partner?...he'd better show up...

"My sweetness", Claude began, "what ever is the matter? You seem quite agitated." Does it show that much? I really need to calm down...stage fright is very tough for me to shake...
"Oh, I'm all right, Claude", I replied, feeling a little calmer. "It's just that..."
"...That the entertainment isn't to your liking. I'm sorry, my love. If I had my way, I'd leave this little 'party', and sweep you away from here. Unfortunately, I can't", Claude said with a sigh. I knew he always hated these festivals, but deep down I knew he'd be totally pleased with what I and my friends had to offer.

The last set of performers took center stage; we were next. Almost that time...where's Quasi's partner?...I knew something like this would happen! Oh, I see Jacki...she's giving me the 'high sign'...But where...There he is!...I see him! feign an an excuse...

"Umm, Claude?", I began somewhat timidly. "I need to leave for a few minutes. It's'nature call'."
Claude Frollo raised an eyebrow as he replied, "To where? A 'nature'...Oh yes, my dear. Of course." As he got to his feet, he said, "Don't be too long, dearest, for I simply hate it when you're away from my side."
Just before I descended the two steps leading from our tent, I leaned over to Claude and whispered, "Just don't you let no gypsies give you a lap-dance––That's MY department!"
Claude Frollo broke down in laughter as I made my way for a tent not too far from the main stage.'s show time!...Hope Quasi remembers his lines...and steps...Thank goodness his partner showed up...wonder what Tony has cooked up in case Quas is crowned King of Fools...We sure don't want THAT mess all over again....Are we ready?...Here goes...Hope the folks of Paris like this... And the King...And My Claude...That's right, Pierre...nice, slow intro...really build it up...This is going to be a LOT of fun!

What exactly does FrolloFreak and company have planned for the FoF? What's Quasi doing? Singing and dancing? And what's this about a partner? WHO's he?
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