The Feast of Fools! ~ "FrolloFreak's Style"

Part Three
Where is she? Why is she taking so long? do hope she isn't ill. The last performance is about to begin. I knew it...she hates this festival as much as I do. All this licentiousness...the drunkenness.
Not to mention the HORRIBLE performers...Ah, there's Pierre Mannette onstage...isn't he Fern's neighbor? I remember seeing him at that party, that summer. that was a pleasant gathering...very entertaining...and my beloved...
Darling, where are you?

Claude Frollo's thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. "Hello, Your Grace", said the young voice. He cast his eyes upon this little girl; he smiled at once.
"Renée! How are you, dear child?" Claude and Renée conversed for several minutes, then he asked, "But where is Phoebus? Surely, he'd be with you."
Renée endeavored to keep a straight face; she non-chalantly replied, "Oh, he's helping with the entertainment -- He's setting up stage sets, decorations....Where's Mlle Nisha?"
Claude smiled again. "Oh she's here. She left momentarily, but she hasn't returned."


"Look at the crowd!", Jacki said as I slipped into my dress. Renée had helped design those marvelous sequined gowns, after we'd shown her photos of old '60s girl groups. "Oh, madame! They are so pretty!", she gasped, looking at the photographs of Diana Ross, Ronnie Spector, Martha Reeves, and dozens of other 'pretty ladies' of 1960s rock-n-roll. She insisted on designing and making the dresses.
And they were gorgeous gowns. Floor-length, and covered with black and silver sequins, the gowns were tastefully designed. Each gown hugged the figure without appearing skintight; the sweetheart necklines and long sleeves were expertly and finely detailed.
Jacki insisted that we carry the 'girl group' thing even further: We piled up our hair into beehives and French twists, and applied the classic, heavy black eyeliner that was so fashionable in the 60s.
"Girls, y'all look like Ronnie Spector and Diana Ross smacked into each other", Tony said when he walked into our tent and favorably assessed our costumes.
"You mean a 13-year-old kid did this?", he asked when I told him of Renée's original designs. "Wow! That's one kid'll go far!", said Tony. He handed each of us a list.
"Oops, I almost forgot, Pierre had these made up. It's real general, but you get the idea. I thought in terms of music and stand-up, we can ad-lib it."
I looked at the program. Yep, looks like everything's in order...

Oh, would you like to see what FF and company are performing? It's just a thumbnail sketch, but you get the idea. And didn't Pierre do a nice job? Everyone who performed gets one of these babies.

I glanced out and saw poor Claude; he looked so worried, even though he was pleasantly conversing with Fern. I hope he doesn't think I took off...Well, I was bored with that last batch of performers...He probably thinks I'm back at the Palace of Justice...Don't be angry, sugarbritches...I know you'll be pleased.

Jacki, Shelli*, and I stood by waiting patiently for our cue.
Just as promised, Pierre Mannette, one of our closest Parisian friends, acted as 'warm-up' man, telling really bad, but funny, jokes. Then he began his introductions.

"Monsieurs and mesdames! Distinguished guests!" Pierre nodded to the King and to Claude Frollo.
"It gives me great pleasure to introduce our final round of entertainment. A special treat no less––straight from the New World. The songs and comedy of their country come to life right here on our stage. So without further ado, I introduce to the first act!"
Tony waited for his cue as Pierre announced, "Direct from the New World, an extremely funny fellow. Prepare to laugh out loud as we listen to the comedic stylings of M. Antoine Terrell!"

"Just call me 'Tony', Pete", said Tony as he came onstage. The crowd cheered as Tony, dressed in baggy hip-hop clothes, an oversized baseball cap, and Nike sneakers, launched into his "Chris Rock-meets-Flip Wilson" impression.

Soon the crowd was howling at Tony's dead-on impressions; he even toyed with some members of the audience.

"I think Tony's winnng them over!", I said to Quasi, who finally showed up in time. "Boy", Quasi began nervously, "He's gonna be a tough act to follow."
"Quasi, if you're worried about YOUR act--Don't! You'll be fine!", I reassured him, but deep down, I had a sneaky feeling something just might go wrong. What if Quasi's crowned King of Fools again? What if the crowd taunts him like they did that time? Then Claude and I will fall out for sure! Never mind! We have it covered...besides, after our act, the crowd will be too pepped-up to pull anything stupid...that is...if Quasi's crowned King...

The crowd erupted in thunderous applause as Tony took his final bows. He rushed to us, out of breath, and excitedly said, "Whew! I guess I got 'em all warmed for y'all!" Then he looked at me and said, grinning, "And yo' man is in a REAL good mood, now! Make him proud of you, baby!"

WONDERFUL! My Claude is in for a wonderful treat! I hope you like this, honey...we worked SO hard! There goes Pierre, giving us a nice slow build-up...

"Okay, girls, let's show 'em what we got! Jacki, is the music machine working OK?"
Jacki answered me as she flipped the switch on that magical boombox that needs no electricity. "Ready to assault these 15th Century ears with some good ol' Motown?"

What fun! The people of Paris are in for a treat! Go on to Part 4!

*Shelli is Kyle's fiancée – See Back to the Frollo Ch. 17

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