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      Listed below are all my original Oz locations that appear in my mega- crossover Jedi in Oz. If you've read Baum's books (and maybe those by Thompson and Neill), most existing Oz locations will be familiar.

     There are four countries of Oz: Gillikin (North), Munchkin (East), Quadling (South), Winkie (West). Emerald City is located in the center. The Deadly Desert surrounds Oz – and keeps out invaders and most Ozites in. There are neighboring magical lands, e.g., Ev, Scoodlers, Ix, the Vegetable Kingdom, et.al.
      Then there are the many locales within Emerald City and individual countries: Bunnybury, Utensia, the Tin Woodman's castle, the Scarecrow's corn tower, Ozma's palace, Kuttinklips, Hammerheads, etc. If you need a refresher on what's where and who's who in Oz, check out Wikipedia's main Oz entry. From there are links to some major Oz fan and fact sites.

      Now, as for my original places...
I wanted this story to be more inclusive than Baum's Oz books. Let's face it, those books were written before World War I, and we've come a long way from the "Tottenhots" and other demeaning, derogatory images of non-WASPs. Although my vision of Oz is basically similar to Baum's, I've endeavored to make it more multicultural, multi-generational, a little more in tune with the 21st Century. My invented places will appear somewhat mundane and familiar to the reader, places that many of us frequent (like Starbucks or Target), but they all have that magical edge.
     Please note as of this update, only those marked with an asterisk (*) will be used as settings in various parts of the story. The rest will be merely mentioned but not seen.

Places in Emerald City

*Emerald Cafe
Popular breakfast & lunch spot. Think LePeep but more whimsical.

The Jade Pagoda
Only Chinese restaurant in all Oz. Flagship eatery is in town, with branches in all Oz countries. They deliver!

Mass merchandiser with stores all over. Well, what do you think it's like? Not exactly Wal-Mart but more akin to Target.

Modeled after Indy's Shapiro's deli and cafeteria. Mendel's offers authentic kosher goodies and luscious baked goods. Try the cheesecake or pastrami sandwich. Maybe a big bowl of chicken soup with matzo balls. Fast and friendly service. If you're lucky, you might catch Eli Mendel serenading his customers.

Posh upscale department store on par with Bergdorf Goodman or Nordstrom.

Specialty grocery a la Trader Joe's. (Indy residents, take note: This is really on par with the old Atlas supermarket. There's even a "Sid" sitting in the manager's office!)

Day spa, salon, high fashion and more. Actually a merger of Jenny Jump's Style Shop and Jana Jazzine's Salon.

Coffeehouse akin to Starbucks. They have stores all over Oz, just like Starbucks.

Eclectic Ethnic dining. Semi-casual.

Superfine, very upscale dining. Better wear your formal duds – and know which fork to use.

*The Lumberyard
Actually on the outskirts of town. An old lumberyard renovated into a shopping, dining, gathering place. Very popular with Oz's leading citizens, especially Ozma and the Wizard.

Not your average pizza joint. This is pizza extraordinaire. Dozens of locations all over Oz, but the flagship store is located in The Lumberyard. Free (Hey, everything in Oz is free!) delivery and take-out.

Just your typical fast food joint – or is it? Locations all over Oz. The usual burgers & fries served with a twist. Think Mickey Dee's but the food is so much better!

*Pastoria Centre
Performing arts center located in heart of Emerald City. Has outdoor concert facilities in all four countries. Home of the Oz Symphony, OZ Opera, Oz Repertory Theater, and Oz Dance Company.

Outside Emerald City

Uncle Fred's
Old-fashioned diner and general store. Located in Winkie Country.

*Lindens End
In Winkie Country. Sprawling estate & home which once belonged to Major Spikeblade. My heroine, Maddie Tasou, now lives there.

*Gotoma's Valley
Also in Winkie Country, near Lindens End. Well, I am including all the Dinosaur & Land Before Time gang, so they need a place to live once they get to Oz.

Goodheart Farms
Located in heart of Winkie Country. Provides much of that area's foodstuffs. Land is magical: Crops can grow in as little as three days! No pests, no weeds, no "runt" crops! Hens lay dozens of eggs. Cows give gallons of milk at a time. We're talking mega-producing plants and livestock.

*Crystal Swamp
Located in Quadling Country, it may initially appear like your ordinary swamp – cypress trees, water, typical wetlands creatures – but it is different. I'll give only one hint: The Spanish moss hanging from the trees are crystal. Of course this is Oz, and even a swamp has wondrous qualities.

Other Entities

OZ's sole Internet provider. It's hacker, virus, spam, and worm-proof -- and free!

The only radio and TV stations in all OZ. The cool thing is you can wish for your favorite show or music, and it appears. Want to listen to just oldie 1950's rock? 80's punk or 90's techno? A jazz fan? Want to watch I LOVE LUCY or LAW & ORDER reruns all day? Need to catch up on your soaps? You got it! Commercial free, too.
Of course, both carry their own original programming, e.g., "A Munchkin Home Companion" and "Jack Pumpkinhead Presents..."(sort of like Masterpiece Theatre). "This Week in Oz" is a weekly news show like "60 Minutes", anchored by the Scarecrow and Wogglebug. Then there's "All OZ Considered" every afternoon at 4.

*The Two Tunnels
These are the only direct underground routes to OZ from the outside world, and they change positions every three days. One must access those tunnels on the right days or else he or she will end up in middle of the Deadly Desert. Of course, one on the outside has to know where the tunnels are located – and get past the secret entrance. There's a code to break...
You've already read about the rail tunnel, and there is another one accessed by foot, but I won't tell much about it – Yet!

That's all I have for now. As the story progresses, I may have more original places which will be added to this list soon.

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