by Fraia (Kitty Cat)

I was so happy. Claude and I are together as a man and woman for the past 14 months. We were in love. I was glowing; we were so happy to have each other.

But something happened. I got pregnant and found out I was almost 12 weeks. I cried a lot. I didn`t want anyone to know. I was nervous and i thought, "What he will think about me? He is older them me. He`ll think that I made it up to be with him. But it isn`t true! I love him. Should I tell him? No. He will kick me out of his life. He is a tough Judge from the 15th Century."

We see each other several times before my huge mistake from my life. I had several opportunities to tell him, but I was afraid. Why? I don`t know. I didn`t want to do an abortion, and I didn`t want him to kick me out, but I didn`t have any courage to tell him. I was so confused. One day he asked me.

"What`s wrong with my KittyCat? Why are you so sad?"
"Nothing Claude,family problem."

OMG we just had a lovely night and I said this!

"If you want to tell I am here."

Oh!God, how could I be so stupid! I talked with my friend Alyssa and told her that I'll go to do an abortion in few days.

"Alyssa, you need to go with me.I can`t go alone. People from the Clinic told me that I need company."
"I'll go but why are you doing this to Claude?"
"Because I think he won't accept being a dad."
"Did you already ask him?"
"You made your own decision and conclusion without talking with him."

I went to "the place" alone. Alyssa told meáthat she was sick or something. I came inside the room (It's the worst feeling ever).

In the meanwhile, Alyssa was telling my mom where I was. My mom picked up my "phone" and called Frollo in Paris.

"Hello. May I talk with Minister Frollo?"
"It is I. But who is it?"
"Melinda Thompson. Kitty's mom."

He made her travel in time to be with him.
"Is a honor to have you here Mrs Thompson. How can I help you?"
My mom was nervous. She rubbed and twisted her hands.

"Oh! Judge Claude...Please, Kitty is doing a big mistake. I didn`t know until now...I know that you have been together as man and woman, and I know that you love each other."
"Yes, I love your daughter. But tell me what is this mistake?"

Nothing prepared Claude for he was about to hear.

"Kitty is in an abortion Clinic. She is pregnant! The baby is yours." My mom cried.

"Please do something."
"I didn`t know that. I`ll never asked her to do such thing. I am against that."

He changed into 21st Century clothes: black leather pants, boots, black silk shirt, and belt.

He sent my mom home. I head for home. When he got there, I was about to leave. I was terrified when I saw him there. He grabbed my arm.

"What did you do? Don`t say one word." He looked at me with those fiery eyes.

We travel to Claude`s office. When we got there he threw me on the chair. He pull it from the wall to his direction with a tremendous strength; he was furious.

"It was my child. Wasn't it?"

I was terrified with his reaction and nothing prepared me for that about to go on with this conversation.

"Answer me!!"
"Yes it was your child. Of course it was." I was trembling.
He sat himself in one way that I couldn't get out of the chair.

"How can you do thatáto me? You made your conclusions and went to the butcher!"
"Who told you?"
"Your mom told me. You could be dead!"
"If I was dead, then it's better than being here with you. Let me go! I feel dirty."
"You are a dirty person taking your own conclusion without telling me. I am completely against abortion! You are being very selfish. I had a right to know about that child. I would've loved being a father!"
"Now is too late." I was in tears.

"I can`t beleive that you aren`t sorry for that."
"Yes I am but it won't bring the baby back!"
"Why you didn`t you tell me about your pregnancy? Now I understand your 'family problem'. You knew it already. Damn you! You aren`t capable for real love! Think girl! Think what you have done. Damn it!"

"Damn you! I am tired, I'm still bleeding. Let me go."
"No! Until you tell me what you got into you."
"It doesn`t matter."
"You are selfish to the end! Well, if you won`t tell me for good you will tell for bad. I need to know why you did that!"
"Of course I haveáa reason. But it doesn`t matter!"

He pulled his belt from his pants. I was terrified and afraid.

He says, "You choose the bad way."
I say, "You would do this to me." I trembled.

I was in tears but i didn't yell. So I provoked him.

"Beating a woman is for fools like you!"

He raised his hand and slapped my face.

"Nobody told you about respect!"
I held my cheek; it was burning from his hands.

"You didn`t respect me. You didn`t respect our child. You didn`t respect yourself and our love!"
"Go to hell!"
"I spoil you too much, that`s the problem!" He said that with the belt liftedáin his hands.

I ran from him. I ran for myself. I was hurt by him and by the abortion. I started to hemorrhage. I run away. I start to think that my love was an illusion.

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Copyrightę2003 by Fraia (KittyCat)