by Fraia ("Kitty Cat")

Somehow I got lost in time. I fell sick in the street, and if it meant for me to die made no difference. I already lost my love and made really terrible decisions. I should pay for it.

One day a lady found me. It was my mom; I didn`t recognize her. I was so sick. She put me in the hospital, but I didn`t react because i wanted to die. I went into a coma.

Claude was searching for me since I left, because he wants to take care of me. He still loves me a lot.

He found me in the hospital; I was almost dead. He took time to treat me and gave his blood to save me. I had lost so much blood already. He gave his blood for me to survive.

I awakened and threw up blood into a bucket. The blood was inside my lungs. When I turned my head Claude was next to me with humid eyes from crying.

"Finally you get up." He caressed my arm. "How are you?" He was worried.

I didn`t say anything. I cried like a little girl. He sat next to me and gave me his "TLC". I needed it so much.

"I am so sorry," I cried.
"Don`t say a thing. You almost lost your life...I did some tests, and you can be a mom when you want. Everything is fine you can be pregnant again."

"Why didn`t you let me die? I gave you so much trouble."
"Silly girl, because I love you!"
"I love you too. How did you save me?"
"I gave my blood to you."
"Awww, Claude." I cried.

He held me in his arms. I could feel his strength. How could I think that he doesn`t love me? I love him so much. I could even die for him.

I fell sleep in his arms, and he caressed my hair and kissed my forehead.


Copyrightę2003 by Fraia (Kitty Cat)