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Below are some of the sites I find helpful in my writing. Since I'm primarily on WebTV/MSNTV®, most links are geared to the LBB crowd: testbeds, webbie word processors, printables, etc.

Some are my own personal links pages that I made for my reference, but now I'm willing to share. Almost all the pages contain information valuable to the writer and the writing craft. :-)

Writers Community
A new forum I found via a post on my bulletin board. Discuss writing and writers in general, not necessarily just critiquing others' works. Nice group!

Writer's Resources #1
Just a bunch of links useful to nearly every writer. Info on essay writing, flash fiction, plot, creative writing activities, online generators (name, place, plot, etc.), how-to guides for nearly every writing genre, etc. Also some very nice sites for WebTV users: testbeds, printables, word-pros. I use these resources all the time.

Writer's Resources #2
Continuation of writing-related sites. Cool stuff here! Character naming resources, world building tips, printable forms for writers, literary agents, prompts, activties for right-brained writers (Like me!), writing e-zines, and more.

Fit 2 Print
Actually a Webbie-friendly page of printables. The stuff may print weird on a PC or Mac so be warned. There are some things that writers may find useful. I have a basic writing plan sheet, To Do lists, journal blanks, etc.

Writer's F-Key
Just a drop-down menu of printables and other resources I use all the time. Story planners galore (I love the Story Recipe worksheet!), worksheets for characters and more. Also: a name generator, fantasy title generator, and links to abovementioned writer resource link pages.

Story Spinner
Actually a product that I recently purchased. I love it so much I actually ordered an extra for my mom. I also use it in the classroom. The kids love it! Great tool for jumpstarting any writing project.

Fiction Factor
Very indispensible for me. Useful articles on fiction writing of all genres. They have a bi-monthly newsletter loaded with writing tips and markets.

Seventh Sanctum
This site is awesome! I stumbled upon this while looking for name generators. This site has loads of generators, mostly for the fantasy RPG crowd, but very useful for writers. I get some of my names and settings from this place.

My Webrings for Writers
I know, this isn't quite a "writer's help page", but I do own and manage several rings devoted to writing of several genres: fan fiction, erotica, non-fiction, general writing. Visit the great sites in my rings.:-)

That's all I have for now. As soon as I run across an interesting writing site, I'll post it here.

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