What REALLY Happened

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FrolloFreak acknowledges the following for their input on this project:


Without his love and support, I couldn't have pulled this off. Thanks, sugarbritches, for the long, excruciating hours recalling those harrowing days. I love you.


What can I say? If it wasn't for Jehan, well, this little exposé would've never seen print. Thanks for being there; I would've never found Claude if I didn't have your help. Also, thanks for the wisdom to write down all of Jules' last words. The confession was invaluable.


I know it has been a slow, painful recovery, but thank you for the interviews. I pray Solange has a healthy, happy baby. And thanks to Renée, for one so young, you display much courage in the face of adversity.


F'Freak knows that the ex-soldier doesn't score too many Brownie points with FSMs, FSs, and other Friends of Frollo, but he has been invaluable to FrolloFreak. Thanks for all the interviews. I know this has not been easy, Phoebus, but your input has been helpful. By the way, if you're still looking for a job, there's an opening at my building for head custodian. :-D


My little buddy. What else can I say? FFreak hasn't forgotten how much you have suffered throughout this ordeal. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. And keep smiling! Your day in the sun was not all in vain. Claude and I are so proud of you.


Especially to Belladonna and Mal. Belladonnna came up with the "switched at the FoF" angle, but I kept thinking, "How about at the end of Hellfire? He may have been doped or something?"
All those conspiracy theories inspired me to write up my own account. I whipped up my initial conspiracy, along with a sort of short story detailing events right after the FoF until the morning after the Hellfire sequence. This was also when I had the final installments of BTTF in first draft and waiting for final touches. I had no intention of revising BTTF...

But when I had BACK TO THE FROLLO completed, who knew that my pre-plotted fanfic would coincide with your theories. Weird! Thanks for the inspiration!


This truly has been a labor of love. My thanks to everyone who supported me throughout the production of this project. I love all of you! :-)

Best regards,
FrolloFreak (aka Danisha) FSM #14

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