Choose Me  Why is Claude so happy?

Because here is a poem written by Vixen, FSM #22. That's why! Enjoy.

"Minister Of Justice"

       His velvetine robe wraps around
his thin waist as he turns
around watching her run away.
His gray hair flowing
rapidly and placed on his face.
His glossey round brown eye's
                  full of fire. His head droops.
A cold December night alone.
                  He brings his arms close to his
chest as he walks inside.

                  The scent of love in the air,
it burns his throat.

He will find her again. So he can possess
her once again. He still does
not know why he longs it so.
Desperate, and depressed.
The new emotion holding him down.
He detests the feeling, but longing it
still in his mind.

Thinking of her green eyes
shimmering in deep colour
of envy. Her hair twisting in
satin, black as Satan's robes.
                  The breast of her being he wants
again, against him, but wants to burn
       in the pit of hell for eternity.

©Copyright Vixen FSM #22, 1998.

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