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beta scenes

      Welcome to a new CWFR feature: Beta Scenes, offering more than the Scoops "sneak peek."
     Here I provide small scenes from an upcoming chapter. Not only does the reader get more than a nice glimpse into what may come next in the story, but a chance to critique the writing. What is great? What needs to be improved? Does the scene read through well? Did I erroneously discuss and/or leave out any important details?       

Linked below are possible scenes to be considered for my fan fiction. Each entry explains:

The Scenes

These following list is temporary — Once a scene is selected for the greater work, links to said scene is deleted.

Scene 001:
For the mega-crossover JEDI IN OZ. In this scene, Baylene visits Madeline at Lindens End. They are alone in the garden. An Ozite matron appears and appeals to Maddie about a special children's project. Grandma Longneck and Eema enter at the end.

Scene 002:
A possible future scene for JEDI IN OZ. The scene opens in a forest in Gillikin Country. Littlefoot and his pals, with Zini and Suri in tow, search for the mysterious Masters Manor. Dorothy, the Tin Woodsman, and Maddie catch up with the little dinosaurs, and Cera soon confesses to stealing something of great importance.

Scene 003:
For the Harry Potter/Gunsmoke crossover THEY'S MAGICAL, DON'CHA SEE?. The scene opens at the Long Branch. Billy almost tells Sarah of his magical heritage. They think they're alone, but they're not. Someone is eavesdropping on the conversation. This person waits until Billy and Sarah leave, then makes his/her move. He/She now knows Billy Love is alive and well — and a wizard!

Coming soon:
A special feedback form to send your opinions and comments on these scenes. Alternately, you may send email direct. Just be sure to put Beta Scenes in the subject area and indicate which scene you are critiquing. Thanks!

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