Frollocentric Dream #3

Here's my third Frollocentric dream at least what I could recall:

I dreamt that Claude and I were attending my family reunion at Eagle Creek Park. It was a nice summer day not too hot and my family just fussed over Claude, especially my mother. "He's so elegant!", she kept saying.
Anyway, after lunch, Claude and I decided to take a walk in the woods. After a few minutes of walking along the trail, Claude grabbed me and kissed me with such passion and intensity I worried that someone would happen by.
Claude continued to kiss me in a very charged manner I think it was those hot peppers he ate at lunch, because he kept saying he needed to throw off some heat. LOL!

Then I suggested that we quietly slip away and go to my house where we can be alone and do "the wild thang" to our hearts' content. He laughed and escorted me out of the woods and to where my car was parked.
We said good-bye and told everyone that Claude was tired and wanted to go home to the 15th Century. We didn't mean to lie, but...

After we got into the car and made our way out of the park, we heard a noise coming from the backseat. We thought it was one of the kids, but found out it was "BC" of my latest fanfiction. It seemed he had escaped from jail and found out that Claude and I were at the park. I don't know how BC got out to the park; all I know was that he started attacking Claude.

Claude fought off this thug as I tried to keep my eyes on the road. I finally pulled over and started beating up on BC; I even bit him a couple of times. BC got so mad he slapped me several times, but Claude was quicker. He got out his dagger and slash BC's arm, then instructed me to "Make haste to my time!"

The next thing I remember was speeding through the Place de Notre-Dame in the 1480s, in my car! Parisians by the scores scattered and screamed because they've never seen an automobile before. I stopped in front of the cathedral and Claude leapt from the car and ordered his soldiers to drag BC away to the Palace of Justice. I started laughing because everything was so out of place A 1990s car speeding through 1480s Paris!

Anyway, Claude assured the people that the 'car' is not a demon, but a "marvelous product of New World industry."
I don't recall much else other than Quasimodo getting his licks in with BC for, "Beating up my master and my New World friend."

That's all I can recall.

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