FrolloFreak's Dream 11/30/97

Last night, I dreamt I was standing in a school playground. This is an elementary school not too far from my home.
It was a bright, sunny morning, as the kids came out to play. I took some of the kids to the front of the building, because they said to me, "We want to play in the grass."
Several children were walking towards the building. They were accompanied by a tall, slender man. I knew the man at once: Claude Frollo!
He was clad in black leather pants and vest, a purple silk shirt, black boots, his hat (of course!), and his black velvet cloak. The kids, all kindergarten-aged, swarmed around him; but, for some odd reason, he didn't seem to mind.
Claude sat down on the grass beside me, and held my hand. A little boy said to Claude, "She likes you", then all the kids laughed as Claude replied, "Well, I like her, too."
Then he kissed me on the cheek. Every kid started giggling and whispering to each other. Claude then began conversing with the children -- Remember these are five-year-olds! The kids complimented Claude on his clothes and, especially, his rings. "I like your hat...I like your cape...", they said, just like little kids do - these kids were so cute!
There was one girl (who looked a lot like my twin nieces) who asked him, "How much do you like her?"
Claude Frollo looked at me and answered, "Very much." He then smiled at me, then whispered, "When we leave this place, I shall show you exactly how much I love you."

That was the end. I'm NOT making this up! I just wished I had continued the dream, but...I had to go to the bathroom! :D

OK, Junior Freuds, do your stuff! :-)

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