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     I own and maintain two mailing lists to inform of site updates. The first list, All My Fanfiction, was created back in 1998 just for the fanfiction site. However, that list has expanded to include updates on all my sites.
    The second list was originally created for my original fiction site, Crazedwriter's World/Passion Magic. That, too, has expanded to all sites.
     The only difference in the lists: AMFF is open for member posting. The messagebot list is a one-way newsletter – no member posting allowed.
     To subscribe to either list – you don't have to sub to all of them – just use the sign-up procedure below:

All My Fanfiction

     To subscribe, simply send a blank email to
    Yahoogroups will send a confirmation email. Just reply to that and you're in. You may have to provide a Yahoo ID or profile but I don't require it. Only if you want to read message archives, post from the group page, access the links pages, vote in polls, etc. will you need a login. Message archives are open only to those with Yahoo IDs.

Messagebot List

    This is so easy! Just type in your email address in the textbox. You will be taken to a page where you'll need to re-enter your address. That's it! No login, no ID required.

Enter your Email to join List:
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    Mailings for both lists are send out at least on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Whenever I update my three sites, I send notices to the lists first. This is before I post updates to the board or change those Site Status Reports. So if you want "Right Now!" updates sent to your inbox, subscribe to either list. Thanks!

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