Updated 03-18-07

Lead Me Gently Home ~ Author's Edit

     If you've come from my Fanfic #1 page and discovered the story is currently "de-linked", let me explain...
     Back when I wrote this story, I didn't know real people should never be included in fan fiction, unless one is referencing to historically prominent people, as I did in ON THE EDGE OF TIME, and as I'm doing now with the current fanfic stories. A fan fiction writer should never include actual living people without asking permission from said people. Well, I know better now.
     See, one such person passed away this week, someone I respected and loved a great deal. In addition, some people mentioned throughout the story have long since retired. A few places are no longer in business.
     Therefore, I'm in process of editing the entire story, deleting unnecessary passages and changing names of those real people to fictional. The story itself will remain intact – themes, plot, most characters – but only the real names will be altered.
     Once the editing is complete, the links will be back up. Until then, please continue to enjoy the other stories as they are. Thanks!
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