Forward to Time Past


Eight turns counter-clockwise...Eighteen turns clockwise...Room spinning...


I opened my eyes. I was standing in an open field. looking around I saw the cottage I was supposed to live in, now, I ran inside and locked the door. Once inside I pulled out my Traveler's Time-Turner Guide, tapped it with my wand and said "Eight turns counter-clockwise...Eighteen turns clockwise" and the location appeared...

1495, Paris...

Looking down, I made sure I was well dressed (If you've ever seen TITANIC, I am wearing the green dress that Rose wore when she walked out onto the deck, and sees Jack for the first time.) and pulled on my black cloak. After tucking the Traveler's Time-Turner Guide in my pocket, hiding my wand, and making sure my cell phone was hidden in my corset, I went outside.

Now I was in the middle of a busy medieval Parisian street. I made my down the road and found myself in front of a huge palace. sitting on the steps I closed my eyes and relaxed. Now I could actually rest my mind and let the truth sink in; I am safe. Feeling someone staring at me, I opened my eyes and saw a cute little girl, about four years old, standing in front of me. She had pretty, light blue eyes, long blond hair swept back into a braid and a curious look on her face. I gave her a friendly smile and said, "Well, Hi there. What's your name?" She was about to answer when all of a sudden she looked up, squealed, and ran off. Thinking maybe she heard her mother calling her, I shrugged.

Suddenly a breeze came by and ruffled my cloak, the Time-Turner pamphlet flew out of my pocket. "Oy!" I jumped up and ran after it. As I made a run for it, I was knocked to the ground by something big.
"Do watch where you are going, dear girl!," a deep voice scolded.
I looked up and saw a handsome man, in his early fifties, standing in front of me. He had sharp features and thin lips. I could tell he was some kind of judge by the way he was dressed. He had a long black, velvet robe, lined with deep purple and a triangular hat the same colors as his robe.
"Sorry, Your Honor, I was trying to catch something I dropped," I stuttered. The man looked at me for a minute, than, holding out his hand, he helped me get to my feet.
As I smoothed my dress and hair he spoke, "Where are you from? I do not recognize you or your accent."
 "My name is Samantha Andrews, from Scotland."

Well, I didn't lie, exactly.

"Well, Miss Samantha, My name Claude Frollo, Minister of Justice."
 "Such an honor it is, Your Honor, to meet you," I said, curtsying.

Frollo smiled and, offering his arm, said, "Would you care to join me for lunch? Surely you must be hungry."

I took his arm and said, "I'd be happy to join you for lunch, sir."

Claude Frollo became my friend over the next month and a half. He came to visit me at my home, and I visited him. He didn't like me living alone, but I told him I was okay. I told him that I had come from Scotland because of family troubles, but not a word more. Not once did he ever know how I was hurting inside from the real world I had left behind. Until one cold, autumn night.



I sat alone in the Notre Dame Cathedral, crying silently. I was scared, and upset because I had been keeping the truth from Frollo. I wanted so bad to tell him everything, but knew that he would probably have me hung if I did. Claude Frollo's friendship meant more to me than anything in the world, and I was not going to ruin it. I jumped as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"My dear girl, what is the matter?," Frollo asked, sitting down beside me on the bench. I jumped up and, with my back to him, I told Frollo...everything.
"I lied, sir. Yes, I am from Scotland, but I came from there for a different reason...I am a...a witch. N-not a bad one, I fight for good, not evil. The magic I use is to help people, not hurt them. I also came from the year 2008. But...not everyone in my time is good like me... There... is a man-a wizard, from my time... he's really evil...and powerful. His name is... V-Voldemort. He has an army called Death Eaters and they like to kill people... like me... who are born into non-magic families...He took over my school.. and...killed my headmaster...I couldn't take the torture anymore..."  

I paused as an image of Dumbledore's twisted body laying on the front lawn of Hogwarts came to my mind. I let out a wail of despair and fell to the floor, my face in my hands, and sobbed.

"Samantha!," Frollo exclaimed, getting down on his knees next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close to him as I cried into his chest.  

"I am s--sorry! I didn't want you to be mad at me! I thought you wouldn't be my friend anymore!," I sobbed.

Frollo held me tighter and said, "Shh... hush, my child, calm yourself. That's a good girl. Now... look at me.."

He held my face in his hands. "I knew there was something wrong when I saw you come in here. I am not mad at you. Do you know why? Because you told me the truth, and you apologized. I forgive you."

I looked up at him with tears still in my eyes and said, "Thank you so much. I never meant for you to see me like this, but I feel better now that you know..."

I had my hair down, and was wearing the dress that Rose ruined the night the Titanic sank. I couldn't stop crying although Frollo didn't seem to mind. He helped me to my feet and lead me over to the bench. When we sat down he took a handkerchief out of his sleeve and gently wiped my face with it.

I smiled and said, "Thank you." I looked down at my hands for a second then looked back up at Frollo. He was watching me carefully, as though he thought I was going to start crying again.

"I... forgot to tell you something else...I am almost completely deaf."

To Be Continued...Go to Part 2!

Copyright©2007 by Samantha