CW's Gallery

Jan. 28, 2008

Crazedwriter's collection of character artwork, mostly submitted by visitors, a few by her own hand.
First two drawings are Vixen's (aka FSM #22) renditions of what Danisha (FrolloFreak's HoND fanfic alter ego) looks like. There is also a Nisha drawing by Sailor Esmeralda and a "pin-up" image of Danisha. The rest are custom dolls by Fraia, Catgirl's Hellfire Frollo drawing, and several Denise May works.
As of this update (10-5-07) I've linked a very special work by Alina, a frequent visitor to my site. It's a big splash depicting TV shows and movies featured in the fan fiction. See, it's my birthday, and Aly thought it'd be swell to make something truly unforgettable. Thanks, Aly!

Next, three "Dinosaur" drawings by (Dave) "Ziggy". Thank you, Dave, for providing these lovely creations.

That's all for now. The Gallery will have more as soon as CW can get 'em scanned and posted. If you would like to contribute your original artwork and want to see it posted here, contact ME or go to The Guest Circle FAQ for more info.

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