Jedi in OZ: Preface     
Updated September 18, 2008

Jedi in OZ

     Presenting my most ambitious crossover fan fiction project to date: Jedi in OZ. Yes, you read that right. I am taking crossover to boundaries unknown, mixing it up with five or more movies, books, and TV shows.
     Blending elements of Star Wars, the OZ books (NOT the 1939 MGM movie per se!)1, Dinosaur, Land Before Time, a dash of Harry Potter, a few Disney characters thrown in for effect, and characters from other movies and TV shows (You'll have to guess at these!), this story has been running in my head for years, long before I started writing Hunchback fan fiction. Of course, Dinosaur had yet to go into production in 1996, but in my mind, I devised ways for my heroine to encounter Aladar and the Herd.
     In this story, events from the Star Wars/Dinosaur crossover "One With the Force" will spill over, paving the way for the descendant of Marbe Tasou to undertake the adventure of her life. You will meet the usual and familiar characters: Littlefoot, Eema, Aladar, Luke and Leia, Ozma, Scarecrow, the Wizard, Dumbledore (in a cameo), the Tin Woodsman, R2D2, Jack Pumpkinhead, Han Solo, Cera, Ducky, Glinda, All thrown together in a highly imaginative saga.
     This fan fiction will be divided into "books", each culminating upon the next. The first book, "The Journey", will take place several generations where OWTF left off. Opening with a sticky situation coupled with a gala gathering of luminaries from Oz and beyond, Nick Chopper, the Tin Woodman, meets C3PO and relates the story of how the heroine finds her way to the magical land of Oz, and how that journey profoundly changed her life.

While the lead character is an accomplished cellist and discovers she has these Force-sensitive powers, and that she's descended from a family of Jedi Knights...and she's pretty...and that she may have some "Mesozoic" in her bloodline...
I promise to keep the dreaded "Mary Sue" at bay. For all her talents, this chick's got issues.

    Now, I know I might get some flack for playing fast and loose with the OZ angle. It's been many years since the last OZ book was published, and I thought it would be fun to push the Land of OZ a little into the 21st Century but keep its charm intact. In the books, the female leads are aged between eight and sixteen. In my story, Ozma, Dorothy, Jellia, and company will age to college co-ed (late teens to twentyish, a few will push to thirty), giving the story a modern edge but still keeping with the youthful vigor and wonderment for which OZ is famous.
     I will also add new OZ characters of my own. One will be Jana Jazzine, a musician and half-fairy who co-manages, with Jenny Jump, J4. Akin to the famous Elizabeth Arden Salon, this is the hottest place for high fashion, cosmetics, fragrance, and hair care. Instead of the famous Red Door, the place will have a famous Purple Door. I've also added a popular hangout, the Emerald Cafe, where one can get the best mocha lattes and chocolate croissants around. Of course, I'll add other places for shopping, dining out, theaters, concert halls, etc. My Oz will also be multi-cultural, multi-generational, more inclusive than Baum's original books.

      And since I'm throwing in some historical red-letter events and people, along with the Great Masters' music...and dinosaurs and Jedi and wizards and so on and so on...

     This fanfiction novel will not be one of my "six eps and under" stories. These "books" may run up to twenty chapters each, even more than that since the story involves many characters and a multi-layered plotline. Understandably, this will take up the bulk of my fan fiction writing time. Other stories may simply have to wait.

GOOD NEWS! This story is rolling on. Go to the first chapter. Subsequent installments are linked from there. You may also access all installments to date from the Fan Fiction Collection #5.
Please note as of this update, I'm trimming some of the cast and locations. I'm also overhauling a few details but not the overall plotline. The outcome will be the same but with profound twists. The Cast List of my original characters and original OZ places used in the story are undergoing serious trimming and editing. This is to ward off the dreaded "fan fiction bloat."

Happy reading, and I hope you'll enjoy "JEDI IN OZ".

For this story, I'm using the 1939 MGM versions of Scarecrow, Wizard, and Tin Woodsman. The Cowardly Lion will not be bipedal, rather he'll be just an ordinary four-footed lion as in Baum's books. Dorothy will also reflect John Neill's illustrations – a blonde instead of the dark-haired Judy Garland version. Glinda, the Munchkins, and all other OZ characters will appear as they do in Baum's books (and Neill's illustrations).

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