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Updated November 12, 2009

      Here is a list of my original JEDI IN OZ characters. These are mine, and mine alone! Please do not use these without asking permission. Only the original characters are listed here. You know the ones from the movies, books, and TV shows used in the fan fiction.

     Please note as of this update this cast list has been severely trimmed. All characters marked with an asterisk (*) are keepers; they are necessary for the story. All others may be merely mentioned or appear in brief walk-ons. Also, only if absolutely necessary, I'll add one or two more to this list.

*Madeline Tasou
Famous cellist who's descended from Marbe Tasou, a Jedi Knight. She also has some "Mesozoic" in her bloodline.

*Charlie Lavigne
Maddie's godfather. Mysterious, magical, elderly gentleman. Made first appearance in ONE WITH THE FORCE. Patterned him after the Jordan Lee character from the old DALLAS soap.

*Lenore & Hank Purcell
She is Charlie's sister. Hank is her husband. He is magical, too, and has a brother already in Oz. (Scroll down to Uncle Fred)

*James Fairburn
Maddie's cousin and named after James Bellamy (Upstairs, Downstairs). He even looks and acts bit like him, but without the temper and whining. Very cultured, gentlemanly, likes a good time.

Anthony "Tony" Watson
African American concert pianist and one of Madeline's best friends.

Ron Gilbert
Another good friend. Ron is a tenor of operatic proportions. Has a knack for telling a good joke. Both Ron and Tony came to Oz long before Maddie.

*Jana Jazzine
Half fairy who manages her own salon and day spa in Emerald City. Her place recently merged with Jenny Jump's Style Shop.

*Eli and Zelda Mendel
Jewish couple who run a deli-cafeteria in Emerald City. I patterned the place after Shapiros, a great place to eat, just south of downtown Indianapolis. The Mendels are Holocaust survivors.

Uncle Fred Purcell
Lives in Winkie Country, not far from Lindens End. Fat, bearded, jolly fellow who runs a general store and diner.

Number Nine's teenaged sister. A fiery virtuoso on violin, and she's thrilled to play with a musician of Madeline's caliber. Sweet kid.

*Martha Thornton
Patron of all arts and culture. Think party-hearty, shop tll you drop New York socialite.

Beautiful, mysterious magical lady who confesses doing the forbidden. What she did has dramatic repercussions for several newer Oz residents. She has family ties to someone in Oz.

*Major Spikeblade
Retired soldier and original owner of Lindens End. Was under spell of Wicked Witch of the West until she got melted. He now lives in Gillikin Country. Spikeblade holds the secret why Madeline really came to Oz.

*Deke, Rath, Mariah
Three Force Masters who escaped to Oz during the Jedi Purge. The last two are brother and sister (who oddly resemble Angie & Jesse from All My Children); the first is a big guy. Looks like a truck driver and very friendly. But Deke has some issues of his own.

The following are servants at Lindens End
*Gladys Davies
Housekeeper originally from Wales. Her sister used to work for same London family as Mary.

*Giles Boatwright
Chauffeur mostly, but does odd jobs around the property. I patterned him after the Thomas Watkins character from UpDown, but without the smarmy scheming nature.

*Mrs Fellowes
The cook. Think Mrs Bridges but not as fussy.

This is all I have so far. I'm developing additional characters as the story progresses. They will be added to this list soon.

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