The Disney Seven!

Chapter 7

The pets are safe! After much touch-and-go, especially when Simba suffered a tranquilizer dart to the hindquarter thus nearly ending up as a lion skin rug, all of Walroy's furry friends escaped unscathed. Problem! Where to hide them? Certainly, with Cruella still in town, it was out of the question for the pets to be returned to their respective owners. So it was agreed that the animals would stay in Tina's enormous barn until the villains were at last dispatched back to the void. As for Cruella, well, she had a conniption when Jasper and Horace recounted their tale of doping a lion, only to be confronted by a 'monster' who ate, "That nice 'n' fluffy white cat you liked so much."

Of course, those two, way too frightened to give Cruella a description of this cat-eating monster, soon found themselves locked in Walroy's jail. Cruella, totally outraged that her bumbling idiots for minions had botched yet another job (She reminded them of the Dalmatian puppy caper, and how dismally things turned out).
So what did Cruella do? She had Frollo lock them in jail until she could find ways to use the men again. Naturally, Judge Frollo, upset that Cruella's never-ending thirst for furs nearly blew the sweet deal he had going, decided NOT to keep Jasper and Horace around anymore. So...

That morning, after Cruella left City Hall, Frollo went down to the jail to 'visit' the prisoners. He said nothing as he faced Jasper and Horace, with the two DeVille hired goons wondering what the judge had in store for them. Right then and there, Frollo produced a curious item. It looked like a walkie-talkie, but that wasn't what it was. Claude Frollo simply smiled wickedly at the men, showed them the strange device, then depressed a red button. In a flash, Jasper and Horace found themselves engulfed in a blaze of red light. Within moments, they disappeared! Frollo, still smiling, said to himself, "There! That takes care of those two. Now, when the time comes, Cruella and Gaston will be next. I must thank Sid for coming up with this little device..."


In the soda shop, Ben, Kris, and Andrea sat, enjoying their Saturday lunch. For some odd reason, they didn't have to work today, and they could thank Simba and Aladar. As related to them by Jiminy, the Lion King and iguanodon staged a brave rescue of the town's pets. No sign of what happened to Jasper and Horace after having the crap scared out of them by Aladar and Bungee. Then there was Cruella, who out of the blue, decided to give the kids a day off. Orders from Frollo or so she put it. So, with no work today, Walroy's kids could have some fun.

As they sat eating their burgers and fries, that odd little stranger walked in. Kris nudged Ben who in turn did likewise to Andrea. All eyes were on this person. Who IS this?, every patron wondered. Only Carl could answer that; but even if he did know the stranger's identity, he couldn't give much information. All he knew was that this stranger was here to help Walroy get rid of Frollo and company. The old man shook his head as the totally enrobed figure sat at that same table far in the back corner. He/She said nothing as Carl approached armed with menu and order pad.

The stranger scribbled a note, "Give me a tuna melt, a salad with no dressing, and a large root beer."
"Coming right up," said Carl with a smile. Only he could take the stranger's order; Carl left strict orders as such.

"Who is that?," asked Andrea.
"I don't know," replied Ben, "I don't think anyone knows."
"You think," said Kristen with a gulp," that is could be another of...them?"

As if Kris' words were magic, Gaston and LeFou walked in, sat down at the center table and, as usual, demanded immediate service.

"And don't take all day!," LeFou said menacingly. The men sat there, eyeballing the other customers with their sinisterly threatening glares.
"And what are YOU looking at?," boomed Gaston, propping his muddy booted feet upon the table. He glanced at the kids who tried not to make eye contact. "Aren't you kids supposed to be working today?"
Ben stammered, "Uh...W-We got a day off. Cruella said so, and Frollo said it was OK."
Gaston, his mouth downturned into a sneer, said, "Well, all right. And, for the record, it's MS. DEVILLE and JUDGE FROLLO to you!"

The children said nothing other than whisper to each other, "Let's finish up and get out of here."  They then shifted their attention to the stranger who by now simply ate his/her lunch, saying nothing. That person, whoever he/she was, still covered head to toe in oversized trench coat and hat, caught Ben's eye. Then the stranger quickly, without the other patrons or Carl see, parted the hood. Imagine Ben's surprised shock to see the seventh Disney hero's face. He was flabbergasted! The stranger quickly recovered his/her face, finished lunch, then left money on the table. He/she got up, walked over to the kids, handing Ben a note. It read: "I'm here to help you. I know what you and Quasimodo have planned, and I'm in on it."


"You got it all, Esmeralda?," asked Ariel as she helped inventory supplies which would serve as Frollo's "trap".

"Yeah, I think we have everything," said the gypsy dancer. "The problem will be getting this stuff over to the jail without being spotted by Frollo or his goons."
Ariel nodded, adding, "And how will we get this all set up in time? I'm really not all that mechanically inclined."
"Neither am I," said Esmeralda with a sigh. The ladies, downstairs in Tina's basement, figured out ways to transport the equipment, then how to set it up. What a time for Quasi to busy himself with his part of 'Let's get rid of Frollo and company'."
"If he had time, he'd do it," said Esmeralda, knowing that her bell ringer friend was the only one who could put together such a complicated trap. Then she snapped her fingers, saying, "Belle!"
 "Huh?," said Ariel.
Esmeralda, remembering how much of Maurice was in Belle, could think of no one else. Just then, Belle showed up, but with someone in tow – Maurice!

"I heard you talking, and I knew you would need Papa's help."  Maurice, ever the consummate inventor and curious about all things mechanical, marveled at Esmeralda and Ariel's "equipment". They showed him just how the trap is to work, but putting it together was the problem since neither were that mechanically inclined.
"So," said Maurice, examining the various odds and ends, "you want this assembled where?"  When the ladies told Maurice exactly what they wanted, his eyes got really big with amazement; the mustachioed mouth twitched into a broad grin. Then, within seconds, he doubled over, laughing uproariously. "Ladies," he said after letting his laughter subside a bit, "I think you got yourselves some trap here. But let me take a look at your blueprints."
"Blueprints?," asked Esmeralda.
"Yes," replied Maurice, "you need a plan on paper. You know, what goes where."

Ariel, not knowing all things of this nature, admitted, "We never thought of that, Maurice. We just wanted to make this thing like we saw in the movie." "And which movie is that?"
Belle, still giggling, said, "Oh, Papa, you know..."
She told him, which sent him once again into fits of rip-roaring laughter. "OK, OK," he said between guffaws, "I see what you mean. Now, let us draw up a plan, then we'll need to get all this equipment over there without raising Frollo's suspicions."
"And," said Belle, "that's where you and I come in. You see, with Tina keeping Frollo occupied, you and I could get in there, set this up, and His Honor wouldn't be the wiser."

That said, Maurice rolled up his sleeves, took out a large sheet of paper, a pen, then started to draw up his plans. With blueprints of the jail provided by Tina, he could tell exactly where to build the trap. "Ah, I see Cell Block A is near an electrical source. Good! We will need that," he said as he feverishly sketched away.
"We'll have to hurry, Papa, if we want to oust Frollo by Thursday."
"Thursday! And it's Saturday already!, he exclaimed. "I wish you had told me sooner, Belle. Now we'll have to work on this all day and night. I just hope Tina can hold out with Frollo that long."

Esmeralda sighed, watching with amazement as Maurice continued his sketch of The Trap. "I know Tina, and if she's anything like me, she'll keep Frollo at bay before he tries any funny stuff."


In the quiet of the mayor's office, Judge Claude Frollo was in conference with Tina. What a difference a few days make! It was not long ago that Tina Lassiter told off Frollo, and that she rebuffed his advances. But now the lady sings a different tune. She is actually compliant, willing, and oh-so eager to pursue the relationship. At last, Frollo mused with a wicked grin, I have her exactly where I want her. That tough spirit at last is broken! He sat at his desk while Tina, who sat across from him, reviewed upcoming official business. There was the matter of a traffic light to be repaired, several streets that needed resurfacing, and, of course, the upcoming Founder's Day luncheon and presentation.

Tina, trying to remain calm and not blow her cover that she was actually 'playing' with Frollo, went over the guest list. This was not an easy task, as Walroy actually had precious few "high society" folks. But Frollo was adamant that only, "The cream of society be present." She just grinned and bore it, knowing that Esmeralda, Belle, and Ariel had "The Trap" ready to assemble. She, while conducting business in her usual no-nonsense style, noticed how Frollo looked at her with an almost amorous hunger. Why is he even bothering? I'm clearly not his type, but then he is the kind of man who wants his women challenging, but demure and docile at the same time. Well, if he wants me to act like his 'baby doll', I think I can oblige him.

Tina made sure she wore that black mini-skirted suit that fit a little too tight and the purple shell that revealed just a hint of cleavage. She seldom wore heels higher than one-inch for business, but this time she got out the towering three-inch sling-backs. And she played up the makeup and hair to make her appear more glamorous, sexier. In a way, Tina liked dressing up like this, but only for a special man. Too bad Frollo wasn't that "special man." But the sexy attire served its purpose as Claude Frollo could not, on this day, keep his mind focused on business. Instead, he suddenly shifted the topic to themselves.

"Tina," he said smoothly and seductively, "you certainly look exceptionally fetching today."
"Er, thank you, sir."
"Tina, what did I tell you before?"
"Oh, sorry, sir...I mean, Claude." 

Frollo smiled broadly, knowing that at least ONE woman will eventually give herself to him before the week was out. If he played it just right, Tina would be literally begging for a "Frollo romp."

"Claude?," she began, "I wondered if I could let you in on a surprise. I know I shouldn't tell you yet–"
Frollo's eyebrows shot up quizzically, his curiosity running wild. "What kind of surprise?"
"Oh, it's just that Ruth told me that you wanted something for the jail, and I took liberty to acquire such."  When Claude Frollo heard those words, he sprang to his feet, eyes twinkling merrily, the smile even sexier and brighter. He went to Tina, grabbed her upright, then wrapped his arms around her tightly. In an instant, he kissed her fervently. Tina, totally taken by surprise, tried not to let her disgust show, but this kiss...

No wonder he has this fanatical female fan following...He must have that effect on them...He IS kind of sexy...Oooh, this kiss...I know I shouldn't feel this way, but...

When he released her, she looked at him, then, without thinking, embraced him once more and returned the kiss. OK, so I lied...I do think he's charming and sexy, but...Oh my God! I'm falling for Frollo! Must be strong...must not let him get his way...

Then she, still embracing him, said, "Claude, once you see this, I know you will be pleased." Again, he smiled broadly while his dark eyes bored through her as if trying to detect some dishonesty. No, she is not fooling me, for she is earnest in her feelings for me...

"Sir..."  It was Ruth's knock on the door that jarred the odd couple to reality. Frollo, releasing Tina, smoothed his mussed hair and reordered his black velvet finery, said, "Yes, Ruth?"
Tina quickly returned to her chair, rearranging herself so the secretary wouldn't suspect something fishy. Ruth entered the office, then handed Frollo a clipboard.

"It's the workmen come to assemble...," Ruth tried not to stammer in disgust, "...the torture chamber down in the jail." Claude Frollo's face brightened, and he eagerly signed the work order. He paid no attention to the name of the firm at the top of the paper.

"At last," he said, "we can have some real justice in this town."  Ruth tried not to wince or make rude commentary, but gave a quick wink to Tina who now knew that all was in order. Before departing, Ruth said, "Mrs. Lassiter, as president of the town council, you need to sign this as well." She handed the clipboard to Tina who quickly added her signature. She perused the list of items to be assembled, then noticed the firm's name at the top:

M & B
Independent Contractors
Since 1589
"You ask for it. We build it!"
When Ruth exited the office, Tina said to Claude, "Well, I think everything is in order. Just think, in a few days, you'll have all you ever wished for and more."
She then got up, did a sexy little song and dance that set the judge's heart and blood pumping. "Whatever Frollo wants," she sang, sexily weaving her body, "Frollo gets!"

Claude Frollo, in a daze, said nothing, stood back, enjoying Tina's teasingly seductive performance. He had a hard time NOT putting hands on her. She was that beautiful and desirable. Tina, still singing and dancing for a man she hated and loved all the same, just thought of the delicious outcome. "Yep," she said in her mind, "Frollo will 'get' it, all right!

To be continued...Go to Chapter 8

Copyright©2004 by "crazedwriter".

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